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Skateboarding dog
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This dog loves to skateboard. I have it at my space/ bterry and utube/ bterry so I thought Id put it here too.
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play hi-fi  Ambasador This Planet workdisc1 302755
play hi-fi  Bobbie K ---- where it was over.
play hi-fi  Watch TV Upstairs
play hi-fi  WONDERMENT
play hi-fi  Sitting By The Lake
play hi-fi  Soak 1
play hi-fi  No more Pain
play hi-fi  Splunkin 4
play hi-fi  Deep Deep Things
play hi-fi  The Trail
(C)2001 LittleCreekGold Publishing
The sound is Fresh and Original

There are some songs, some snippet's and clips here
so you can get the flavor and Buy a CD, Or come to a Show
I didnt have anywhere else to put some of these songs, they didnt fit on any CD, you know;
well have a listen, so theres more produced longer versions, when you use cash, other vise you get these samples of greater works.

also have a-- - God is this what its come too??

ASCAP Member and creator of self produced CDs for Sale.

All works of sound are composed and all instruments played (for better or worse) by Barefootterry.

All production, engeneering, promoting, artwork, ASCAP loading, copyrighting, spelling and wife massageing is done by Barefootterry,

All Rights Reserved in the United States and Worldwide, even in China, so no coping, (There that will stop them)

(c)2001 LittleCreekGold Publishing
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Hood River, Oregon 97031

so you want more?

Also looking for a Producer job, or a guitar player job. I will entertain offers. ALSO a good payin tech job would be nice.
Why this name?
I hate shoes. really. and dont were them much.--since I was a kid
Do you play live?
Love---Live and Thank you Fans for Your support. You--Rock.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
It is Killing sales but spreading the word. soon artists will only be able to sell 1 CD and the million listeners will just ripp/ or download it.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Yes, where is Mo Austin these days.?
Band History:
Started in 1972 played at Catholic School Dances.then Played in Taverns all over the Pacific N/W. Also at Huge outdoor Dances set up by promoters. Im tired of copy tunes and dont do that any more, Protools and Digitech have solved this quandry. Its Original or nothing. so hey Buy a CD or a Song huh?
Your influences?
Rock, Blues, Jam Band, Jason Upton, Anthony Skinner,PFR,Page,Townsend, Framptom,Marriott,Betts,DwayneAllman,Terry Kath - Chicago Transit Authority albums 1-3,Blackmore, Bronnie mcGee,Sonny Terry,Los Lonely Boys,
Made in Japan,Live at Leeds,Live at the Filmore(Allman,Humble Pie,Los Lonely Boys),Vinyard Worship Music.
Try smashing a guitar sometime, They dont break easy. and remember Jimi and all the Old guys..Wolf-Muddy-Guy-Sumlin-then theres Perry,J.Winter,Malsteem,and Robert Keeley Electronics,
and The Tube Amp Hall Of
Favorite spot?
Hood River Oregon is my Favorite City
Equipment used:
Keeley pedals(the best), Digitech processors and Marshall amps(of course) some Fender and Sunn amps too, Thank God for ProTools, and Riverside SoundStudio, Hood River
Anything else...?
Les Paul, Strat, Washburn,

oh yea theres still 320 people in jail, from the then-amin square march(China).
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