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Cherie and Terry Flynn
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JAZZ, POP, DANCE, FUNK, LATIN, ROCK, CHILLOUT...? It's hard to categorize what music we play . Dad (Terry Flynn) brings his jazz, latin and disco influences to our sound; (see "BAND HISTORY" for details of famous jazz musicians who he has played with), while my influences include funk, synthesizer music and rock, as well as having my Dad's passion for big bands.

IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO BUY MP3 DOWNLOADS of some of our songs go to

Our live music varies a lot from some of our recorded music (especially Cherie's own songs - YOU CAN HEAR HER SOLO WORK ON THE DANCE SECTION OF OVERPLAY. Her solo work is sometimes more dance orientated, sometimes more rocky and sometimes more experimental than her duo tunes ) so if you are looking to book a band suitable for a dinner / dance, dance or modern jive night don't worry - we won't have to play the types of songs in our "hear us" section if they aren't suitable for your event.

We can either play jazz / Latin / swing during one performance, or pop / disco / rock 'n' roll / dance / rock or we can provide a mixture of styles from the 20's to this year's chart music. You can email us for a list of the hundreds of songs within our repertoire. Please put "FLYNNSMUSIC" at the beginning of your email title so I don't think it is junk mail.
Do you play live?
We've been playing live together as a duo for about 9 years.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
It means that unsigned bands can be heard by people all over the world. I think this will help bands be more creative because they don't necessarily have to conform to what record companies want, to be able to have a World wide following. They could make a relatively good living from gigging locally and from recording, without having to be famous. For those of us in the music business for the love of music, not for the fame and fortune, the internet could be the solution. (That doesn't mean that I can afford to give my music away for free though!) I believe that mp3s are good for unsigned artists but not good for big music companies because of the amount of illegal downloads which take place.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
I'm not looking for a recording contract but I would like to write songs for famous people instead. I've found internet sites where you can let companies hear your songs, but only if you have already had at least one of your own compositions published. It's a catch 22 situation. If anyone knows how to overcome this problem, please let me know at

I love singing live too much to want to be famous, as I would hate to mime. Being a pop star envolves too much PR work and not enough real music work for me to be keen on it. I love singing a wide range of songs from a weird mixture of genres which I don't think record companies would be keen on letting me do. (We have literally hundreds of songs in our repertoire.) However, I wouldn't rule it out completely if the deal on offer was a good one and allowed me enough freedom but I don't think that is likely to happen. It would also have to be a very good deal to drag me away from going to modern jive and salsa classes.
Band History:

In the 60’s Terry played with many famous jazz musicians including: Kenny Baker, Betty Smith, Danny Moss, Joe Harriet, Don Rendle, Bill Le sage (who played with “The Dankworth Seven”), and Kathy Stobart (who was a tenor sax player in “The Ted Heath Band”). He also played keyboards, flute and vibraphones in a number of local groups. He currently plays vibraphones some Sundays in an 18 piece big band at The Blue Lagoon, Hilsea, Hampshire, England.

In the 60's and 70's Terry played in bands which had to back many famous acts, such as: Roy Castle, John Pertwee, and Tom O' Conner. Terry stood in for "The Barron Knights' " keyboard player for one evening.

Terry played piano and vibraphones in “The Centre Band” and “The Thompson Wichello Big Band”. The two bands entered a national big band contest several times during the 70’s and 80’s. Both groups were finalists and consequently played on the radio. Terry played on Radio Luxembourg with “The Bill Cole Quartet”. He also appeared on Southern Television while backing other groups.

Terry’s experience is not limited to jazz. He evolved throughout the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s, 80’s and 90’s to accommodate each particular popular style of music.

Terry went to Bognor College of Education and in the 70's became head of music in a large junior school. He ran music courses for teachers in junior schools in the 80's and still teaches privately.


Cherie has been writing songs since the age of 7. Her writing covers various genres including jazz, rock, funk, dance, chillout and Latin.

During her teens Cherie played flute at music festivals and concerts, as a member of a Classical / Baroque ensemble, and The Gosport Orchestral Society. In contrast, she currently provides vocals; plays flute, keyboards and guitar in Jazz and Pop groups.

Cherie teaches keyboards in a junior school, and teaches piano and flute privately.
Your influences?
Cherie's influences: - Herbie Hancock, George Michael, Bjork, Maynard Ferguson big band, Skunk Anansie, Portishead, Clannad, Matt Bianco, Gloria Estephan, Prodigy, Goldfrapp and many more...
Equipment used:
For live work - Korg PA80 performance keyboard. Its the only instrument which has a sax sound which I think sounds like one! It's an arranger keyboard but it's synthesizer section is pro too.

For recording - We also sometimes use a Yamaha RM1X, Roland JV2080 and Yamaha QY100 walkstation. The walkstation can run on batteries, has a sequencer and you can plug an electric guitar into it - great for writing songs on the move.
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