Joey Trife
Lust ** BUY 2 GET 1 FREE **
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Basic Lease $30 / Premium Lease $50 / WAV Trackout lease $150 contact:
DJ Shaw-t
#ripAvicii (Avicii Type EDM / Pop Beat!)
Beat done in the style and honor of Avicii. Buy 1 Get 2 Free | Standard $24.99 | Trackout $50| Unlimted $99 | Contact -
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play hi-fi  Disgust-o Bass
play hi-fi  Noodle No. 12
play hi-fi  Nightlight (Doxology)
play hi-fi  PBD bass playalong
play hi-fi  PBD Guitar playalong
play hi-fi  back to You (Soupbone)
play hi-fi  Phrasing be Damned...
play hi-fi  NightBlues
play hi-fi  old guitar stuff
Various, typically instrumental, musings from OKL Dave. Uhhh...that's about it.
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