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WHATS UP! This is Kris, im the owner of MasterMindz Productionz my own label. First my boi Twan started rapping way before me then he ask me to rap and every since then I just held it down for all them producers/rappers. Im a co-founder of this MasterMindz Productionz thing. The other co-founder is my boy Twan! I'm a 17 year old kat doin big things now! Members of the DUB-M P are as follows: Myself (kris a.k.a. Prospect), Twan a.k.a. ? a.k.a. Lil'Celebrity, Josh a.k.a. WhiteBoi, E-Z, Jonathan a.k.a. Jon A., Dyrante a.k.a. Die Yung, and Ray a.k.a. G-Boy! So hit up the message board and tell us what you think! And oh yeah f*** all the haterz lol! Shout out to the whole B.I. and Hinesville, Philly, and my boy Chris Okrasinski, keep holding us down!

JC BEATS, SHO-DOWN (Rockit Productions), Wyshmaster, Style (My Style Productions), and HUB! We appreciate ya'll!

"K.O. Kingz"

Yo get at us at:

AIM: offdaelzkabar

Yahoo: mastermindz_productionz

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mastermindz official site coming soon!

peep out the links of other hot katz we know or are down wit on the message board.

"you wanna cross my homies, you gotta pay that toll first"
Why this name?
One day my n*** twan was like damn we complex wit shyt, then he said mastermindz! so we went with that ever since and held it down.
Do you play live?
Yeah we do live shyt, battlin, we going to start talent shows, club shows, and park events!
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
Yes some rappers loose money because of it, but only the strong survive. Also it helps rappers too, to get exposed and heard, especially future producers and emceez.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Yeah, but you gotta be careful becuz katz is out their to get ya.
Band History:
Jack'N 4 Beatz: Mixtape Volume No.1 is out now copp it!
Your influences?
eminem, biggie, pac, dr. dre, jay-z, timbaland, konfidential, the whole r.o.c., kanye west, g-unit, twista, tech n9ne, fabolous, red & meth, and mostly everyone in hip hop today!
Favorite spot?
In the studio doin what we do best...
Equipment used:
Pro Tools, Reason, Fruity Loops 5, Cubase SX, Logic Audio Platinum, Cool Edit, Music Zone, Sonar, Cakewalk, and a Condensor Microphone
Anything else...?
Check out my n*** James!!!

Prospect features on the following:

Jack'N 4 Beatz Vol No. 2(Mixtape)COMING SOON!!!!!!

One Take (Mixtape)COMING SOON!!!!!!

Overdrive (Mixtape)COMING SOON!!!!!!

World Domination (Mixtape)COMING SOON!!!!!!

Itz Not A Game (Mixtape)COMING SOON!!!!!!

HVL's Finezt (Mixtape)COMING SOON!!!!!!

“I have no choice but to win homie, I am a winner/
I’m a season vet at this shit, I am not a beginner.” -Shyne-
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