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Julia Claire/Sirisat & Carles Reig
OHM Spirit Sound
Directed by Carlos De Cozar
Akhordz Productions
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Carles Reig was born in Barcelona. From an early age he became interested in music, especially in ethnic and contemporary rythms. His areer began playing the drums with the symphonic rock band Taxma. He became the drummer of rock band Fugitivos and later played on tour for 4 years with OBK, tecno pop band who have published more than 15 golden record awards.

    In 1988 Carles Reig founded a new band named ,"Terra" with the main objective of investigating new styles of music, especially New Age. His first album was "Ekos de Otra Era" (1995), composing futuristic music with an ecological message creating ethnic and cosmic atmospheres. In 1997 he launched a second album with "Natura" maturer music with some songs in English written and sung by Julia Claire in their first collaboration together.

    In this album he reintroduced one of his main interests: the ecology of the Earth and the elements of Life, Fire, Water, Wind...Images of forests and fairies... The symbology and old myths of the Mediterranean culture in which Terra was created: The piper of Hamlin, Paradise lost and recovered, the old story of Atlantis, the world of Magic and Alchemy...

    At the beginning of 2003 he created the record label TirTerra Records, republishing his last CD "Natura".

During the last 3 years he has edited 3 new CDs with his own record label Ohm Spirit Sound. The first album "Celtic Mystic Project" highlights the vocals of Natascha Hagen.

    Presently Julia Claire (Biography) and Carles Reig are currently performing live & promoting their latest albums "Celestial" & "Mantra Chill Out"

   As Ohm Spirit Sound at we appreciate your support as an independent artist record label. Many thanks for your visit. "

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’Ekos de Otra Era’ in iTunes
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Apolo Barcelona
CD Mantra Chill Out - Ohm Spirit Sound
CD Celestial - SiriSat
CD CelticMysticproyect - Carles Reig
CD Natura - TirTerra
CD Ekos de Otra Era - Terra
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Carles con batería electrónica
Carles - Terra - 1997
Carles - Terra - 1994
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