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yo whattup its ya boy D.a.i.N. My main purpose is to give New Orleans a better name instead of us being known as the "bling bling" city or whatever else catz say. I hate the fact that whenever I go somewhere and mention that Im from New Orleans they always say "you know Master P?" or "yo tell Juvy holla at me dog" gets real annoying...I want to be that "other" cat...


i recently quit the sound godz due to lack of work ethic and people just not wanting to make moves...ive also recently linked up with a local emcee named "Illaj"...after speaking for a couple weeks he felt that i would fit in nicely with his crew "IKS" which stands for I.nfinite K.nowledge S.eekers...4/24/04 we did our first show as a crew...shit was bananas....we killed it...the crew IKS consists of myself (D.a.i.N), Illaj, U-Mass, and Curious...we also got a bboy...U-Mass's little brother P-Nut...kid holds it down...this crew is seriously no joke...and we plan on makin' ish happen big this 04 if your in the North West keep ya ear to the street,radio, everything....cause the name will be mentioned...

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Why this name?
its an acronym...

D = dopest
a = alive
i = in
N = New Orleans
Do you play live?
yes...ive done plenty of shows and lil venues...i have much more coming this summer if you in the area get at me...
Band History:
I have been rhyming since October/November of 2002 but i have been growing alot since...and i will always do this until it is my time to rest.
Your influences?
Black Star, Cali Agents, MHz n Weathermen, The Roots, J5, Demigods, Crooked I, Lauren Hill, Mysitc, Canibus, Jeru tha Damaja, Common, MC Lyte, Ras Kass, KRS One, Qwel, Invinceable, Helixx, and so many more...
Favorite spot?
My mind. Unlike biters its where i get my source and creative ideas from.
Anything else...?
Being humble is the key...
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