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Rabih saad
NEWS   To my fans in the Montreal erea stay tuned for upcoming live events supporting my Album Rise.
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Kiwano *Quavo Type Beat*
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play hi-fi  LANDR-Space highway internet master
play hi-fi  6 am start
play hi-fi  Emotions
play hi-fi  Man down
play hi-fi  Bottom of the bottle
play hi-fi  Mood Change
play hi-fi  Night Swing
play hi-fi  Last kiss
play hi-fi  Super Star
play hi-fi  Birding
I have been playing guitar since the age of 14. Actually i started playing the piano when i was 13 and my mom forced me to start learning music which i did for a period of 2 years.
Then i switched to guitar after seeing a flamenco player on tv that i thought what he was playing was so cool.
I practiced hard in my room for hours on end. the guitar was my life and i was a part of it or Vs versa.
From there it was a good ride and experience for me. I was in a lot of bands and performed clubs and concert halls.
In 1999 i decided to take a break from music and guitar, in fact it was a long break which lasted 6 years. It was just recently that i started to compose and play music again.
In those 6 years i knew that something was missing from my life and it was my music and my talent for guitar.
My friends, girl friend and my cousin pushed me to start making music again cause they saw that my talent is to great to be hidden like that.
Currently im finishing up my album Rise and all songs and future material will be posted on soundclick.
Why this name?
Its just my name.
Do you play live?
Playing live on stage is a magical time for me.
I can sense the energy from the audience and its just fule me up.
I always prefered playing live and play it as is than recording in the studio. Its more freedom of expression and direct contact with the audience which gives it a magical moment of emotions and adrenaline.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
The internet changed the entire music industry's functions as how musicians market themselves, manage and sell there music, creating more control for the musician over his music and career and making it easy for starting musicians and composers to reach there audience faster without the mediums.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
When the times come and the deal is right i welcome it.
Band History:
My first band was the STRANGERS in 88, performed in clubs.
I played and composed music with SHYNA, 92 TO 95. Shyna made a demo album in 94. In 96 i created the band CEDRA and in 97 released the album OUT FROM THE GRAVE independently.
Currently im writing and recording my solo demo album RISE.

Your influences?
I listen mostly to all genre of music, but mainly my influences are spanish guitar players,jeff beck, gary moore, queen, Thin Lizzy, prince, Joe Satriani, pink floyd, Queensryche, Al Di Meola, Steve Vai, Frank zappa....
Favorite spot?
Well it must be the attic in my family's house...I spend huge amount of time in there looking at tons of old black and white pictures of my family's history. Im fortunate enough to come from a family of photographers including my dad.
Gysa plateau in egypt is also the best second place i can think of.
I simply adore history in all shape and form.

Equipment used:
Ibanez 00 JEM7DBK
Ibanez O5 Prestige 1570 with evo pickups.
Jackson DK1
BOSS GS10 usb to pc interface effect processor.
BOSS DR880 drum machine.
CRY BABY wha pedal.
Hughes and Kettner TUBEMAN direct Preamp.
Cakewalk recording software.

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