Straight Aim
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i am in the middle of suffering the struggles of elevation which every soulija is doing right now in rap..i came from being wack till what i am now and if you think im wack now then hopefully in the future throughout much more troubles and practice i shall gain strength and wisdom in the game of hip hop. i am still writing my history, i am marking my past, with every recording i upload onto soundclick to the ones i left just on my computer for no one else ta hear, i will always leave my message spoken hopefully for anotha soldier in this game to pick up and gain knowlege from...i will educate those who listen to me as much as they will educate me..but no matter what i will always shed some kind of light on every topic i express my opinion i hope i inspire you as much as ya'll inspire me..this is just the beginning of a long journey...
Why this name?
straight aim is just my old name but i renamed myself Prozak because my real names zach and i might not be one yet but i will be a pro so
pro-zach= prozak
and prozac is a anti-depressent drug
and my music is the anti-depressent
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
the internet is very important to hip hop i believe for those who are trapped in a town or sumthin where they are segragated from rappaz i believe the only way you can elevate is to have people hear ur sh*** and if people aint around ta help you elevate u wont know whats wrong with what your doing so the enternet is the only way for those rappaz to nurture their undevolped skills and newly found interest through a source that humans werent so fortunate ta have in the past...the enternet is a very revoultionary thang in the hip hop culture.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
as long as i get ta write my own sh*** and whateva i do must be done by me and not done for me..i dont wanna have ta have my sh*** ghostwritten or anythang..but if i can keep it real i would sign a record deal and even though i'll be rich i will just live where normal people live or worse and use all my money to build houses for the poor and i'll send my money to charitys..the only thang i'd do outta being rich is build myself a studio so i could record whenever i like however long i like..
Your influences?
2pac, Indeph, Ike, Nas, Eminem, and more
Equipment used:
i use cool edit, a $300 mic that i got for $100...$35 mic stand i got for $20...a $20 pop filter i got for $10..a $100 pre-amp i got for $60..and a $200 interface i got for regular price...
Anything else...?
im 16, i weigh 136 pounds, i live in america, im 5'9, and im white..thats bout it.
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