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Why this name?
Its Our Varrio N Shit

Do you play live?
Yes Any Shows Open.Our Special Moments Are When
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
its alot easier forthe music to be passed around and keep us on our feet
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Band History:
Well Back In 2002 It Was Tears N Javic Just Lil Kids Trying To Gang Bang Puttin It Down For Our Hood Then When 2003 Came They Met Scrappy And Became The Notorious Trio And Was Dumpin On Fools Who Had sh*** Ties Came Close The Gang Related Familys Would Stick Together Like One Big Family 2004 And Four Came There Was A Big Gang War At The School So The Rappin Thing Was Completley Off Their Minds The School Was Splitting Up Everybody One Of The Main Ones Javic Was Sent To Raymond Telles And Tears Was There With Scrappy Then Scrappy Went To Vegas While Tears Was Posted Up With Blacky Who Then Moved To Canyon And Tears Was Sent To Cordova Where He Would Meet Babytears And She Would later Join the Group Of Gangstas. They All Kept In Touch And Was Told The Gang Of Homies was Suffering At The School Only Four Poeple Were Left At The School Backin Themselves Against 13 Then When January Came All The Homies Were Back To Run Show When They Had Came Back Everything Was Real Tense And The War Started Again When Tears Got Into A Fight With One Of Them Then Tears Was Back In Alternative And Javic Was Back At Raymond Telles The Show Was Left For Scrappy to Run The Show Had Went Good From then On The Summer That Came The Rap Idea Really hit Em Hard Javic N Tears Were F***ing Around Just Freestyling And Realized It Was For Them But The Night They Had Realized It Was The Last Night Javic Would be Out free For a While He Was Caught The Next Day And Spent The Next Six Months Or So In Challenge Tears And Scrappy Had Started By Just Rappin At The End Of Beats Eventually They Tried Downlaoding Instrumentals And started From There Then They Moved To Rapping With A little Tape Recorder And Instrumentals After A Couple Little Takes They Found The Sound Recorder On The Comp And Would Do Songs With That lol And Came Up With Their First Cd "Never Die" But It Was Never Released They They Had Found About a Ptogram Called Soundforge From A teacher And Would use That And started Upgrading Thats When Lil Loco Appeared In The Picture With 6 Other Guys To Rap But They Only Decided To Keep Lil Loco And Moved Up From Their He Started Recording Right Away First Day Rappin With Us Came Up With A Track Dissing Another Hood So He Got Jumped In And Has Been Putting It Down Thats Around The Time Babytears Started Recoridng And Writing Things That people Couldnt Imagine Good Things Are To Come Out Of All These People Eventually To The Heads Of Those Master Minds Came Brown And Proud Records

With Tearss way Of Flowing And Bringin The Heat And Scrappys Way Of Droppin Down That Emotion Javics Way Bringing His Lyrics In Many Ways And Switching Em around And with Babytearss Creative Mind Thinking Up Things Never Thought And lil Locos assasin Lyrics People Kno they're Going Places
Your influences?
Lil Menace,Lil Cuete,Cuete,mr.Lil one And More
Favorite spot?
Shit You Know It Central El Paso
Equipment used:
Anything else...?
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