NEWS   9/02/03 - Intensified Fusion is released (currently my latest song) NOT FULL VERSION, expect more in the next few days!!

6/16/03 - Summon The Sun finaly complete! Uploaded full version! Enjoy and leave some feedback!

6/15/03 - First of all happy fathers day to you all! secondly I updated the untilted song to another 50 second clip complete version will be released somtime this week! Enjoy and please leave some feedback!

6/14/03 - Updated the untitled song by myself and Dj Quartz! Not the full version but is a 4 minutes samples as compared to the 40 second sample! Enjoy!

6/11/03 - Uploaded a short demo of the upcomming hit by Dj Quartz & Myself.

6/9/03 - Long time since update, will release unnamed track in couple weeks...stay tuned.

4/23/03 - Uploaded new version of MoT - Memories Of Tomorrow (AG Breaker Mix)
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play hi-fi  Intensified Fusion
play hi-fi  Summon the Sun (Edit)
play hi-fi  MoT - Memories Of Tomorrow (AGs Vocodized Breaker)
play hi-fi  MoT - Memories Of Tomorrow (AG Breaker Mix)
play hi-fi  Terminator (AG Warm Remix)
play hi-fi  Quartz (AG Remix)
play hi-fi  Euphoria
play hi-fi  Heaven On Earth
play hi-fi  Pow (The Imposter)
play hi-fi  Tresspaser (The Long Run)
Why this name?
AG, My initials
Do you play live?
I hope to start playing as soon as I finish production on my future CD currently unnamed. Hopefully it will be released by early winter this year!
Band History:
Started ironically january 1st 2000. First started out on unfortunalty they didn't meet my demands so for two years I stayed underground producing and composing my own tunes, and handing singles to my friends to enjoy.
Your influences?
The Prodigy, The Crystal Method, BT, Hybrid, Paul Okenfold, Orbital, and System F.
Equipment used:
For now Roland MC-303 Groovebox, Propellerhead Reason, and Jeskola Buzz, 2 Gemini turntables, Beringer mixer