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A C (1024)
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play hi-fi  The Delta Song
play hi-fi  we made it
play hi-fi  thug life
play hi-fi  who you know
play hi-fi  girl what u need
play hi-fi  Cant get enough (hard livin)
A.C. Hails from the city of St. Petersburg Florida. He is also the CEO of Southern Boy Records and the President of 1024 Entertainment, an up and coming company based out of Tallahassee Florida. Big things are to be expected out of A.C., With the seeming lack of talented rappers coming out of Florida It is a breath of fresh air to see this young man striving for rap excellence. With his hand in all of the operations of 1024 Entertainment you are sure to hear a lot more of this artist in the future.
Why this name?
My name comes from both the combination of a childhood nickname and a previous stage name which evolved into the initials A.C.
Do you play live?
Yes i do perform live, usually local but i am always willing to go on tour to please my growing number of adoring fans
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
In my opinion the internet has changed music in a very drastic manner. There are both pro's and con's. coming from a perspective that is in it for the love of making music then i feel it is beneficial to put music on the internet so it can be heard by a broader range of people than I would regularly come in contact with. The major negative side to this would be the copyright infringement factor, the label and in turn the artist would be losing out on money that should belong to them. And with most artists depending on the labels to pay thier salary i feel it is unfair to rob an individual of thier livelihood for as selfish reasons as just not feeling like paying for a cd.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
At this point in time my major focus is marketing and promoting my album as well as myself as an artist and my indepent label.
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