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Connie Williams
New School
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Hello everybody, I'm Connie. Let me first say that I think Soundclick is so wonderful. This is a great way for us all to share our music and life with each other. I have always loved singing. When I was a child, I would make up silly songs, just to make people laugh. Looking back I realize I was beginning my journey as a singer and songwriter. When I got older, those silly songs developed into meaningful ones. Songwriting for me is kind of theraputic, I can express my feelings to others, and if they can relate to my song, then I can touch them too. For me that is what it's all about, being able to reach into someone's heart. A local radio station here in our area, airs a program on Monday nights, that spotlight local talent. They call it the "Home Grown Country Hour", the show has really "GROWN" (pardon the pun). But it's a great outlet for singers and musicians to put their music out there. The Disc Jockey that hosts the show has told me that my song "You'll Always Be A Part Of Me" is one of the most requested songs during that hour. I'm so glad that people have been touched by that song, because I wrote it during a time when my Mom and I weren't speaking to one another, and I didn't know what to say to her to make peace, I couldn't stand it when she was upset or disappointed in me for choices I made that she didn't agree with. So I wrote that song and sent it to her (She was living in Jersey at the time). She didn't mention the song for quite a while, she was a little stubborn, but several years later, when she was diagnosed with cancer, she dug out the song and finally listened to it. I had almost forgotton about it, 'cause nearly ten years had gone by. She finally told me how much the song really meant to her. So I decided to cut a "real" demo on it to surprise her on her birthday (the original copy was just a rough cut). My husband did all the music on it for me, and thankfully we finished it in time for her birthday. She really loved Her gift, very much, but sadley, She passed away 12 days later. Not long after that I asked the Program Director at the local radio station if he would air the song on Mothers Day, as a dedication to my Mom (this was a few years before the "Home Grown" country hour existed). I hope others will enjoy this song here on SoundClick, as much as my Mom did. Because that song will "Always" be the one that I am most proud of!!!
Do you play live?
I do live shows on occasion, such as weddings, private parties etc. But occasionaly local bands will let me sit in with them. We all know each other pretty well. My husband, who is a lead guitarist, has played in, or with these bands at one time or another. And we all try to support one another. We have had the pleasure of opening up for well known recording artists, who have played here in West Virginia. That is so exciting, to meet some of the artists and bands who have influenced our own music, and to be able to get the show going for them. That is so rewarding, and it gives us the sense of accomplishment. We have opened up for Lonestar, in their early years, and Ty Herndon, Confederate Railroad, Dan Seals and Eddie Raven. And no matter what we have already experienced, the Dream is still alive, and we are still growing, and developing in our music. Who knows, maybe someday we will be discovered, but even if that never happens, it won't stop us from trying. And there is alot to be said for small venues, the people you meet along the way, the good times we have, and all the memories. They make us who we are, ENTERTAINERS!!!
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
It's like having a music store or library right at your fingertips. Also it's a nice way to get exposure. Thank You, whoever you are that started this website. Great Idea!!
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
I definately would consider it. That has been my goal for as long as I can remember. But I would have to consider all of the terms, in the contract, if that would ever happen. I have heard some war stories, about some of these contracts that bands and soloists signed early on in their careers, when they were young and naive, and jumped at the chance to make it. Guess you can't blame them though.
Band History:
I have been singing since I was a child. In school functions, and church. I tried the karaoke thing, but nothing compared to performing in a live band. I really love interacting with the crowd and showing people a good time, and singing a song the way I feel it in my soul. In 1984 I represented my school in the Garden State Teen Arts Festival, and to my surprise I was the winner for my district, in that competition. Several years later I was the Third Runner-Up in the West Virginia State Talent Search. I was even presented with a trophy (hehe!, the only one I ever got!). But competitions got to be to stressfull, so I have sworn them off, at least for now. I love to write songs, and I have a tremendous amount of respect for other songwriters, and musicians. I love to hear good music. I also enjoy singing in church, I always loved to hear gospel music. I've Got a lot of old Dottie Rambo records, that I grew up listening to. My husband and I have also recorded demo's for other songwriters, who wanted to showcase their songs. One of those songs got some airplay in Nashville of all places, the guy that wrote the song had it aired there, he sent word back to us that people really loved the song. Well hopefully we will have more experiences to talk about in the future, 'til then we'll keep on doin' what we love to do. Peace!!!
Your influences?
I have been influenced by many artists in various genre's. I am a big fan of Pam Tillis, EmmyLou Harris, Janie Fricke, Helen Cornelious. Just to name a few. But I can't leave out The Bellamy Brothers, and Linda Rondstat. I've also been influenced by some great Rock and Roll artists such as Pat Benatar, and the 80's band Cinderella, Tom Keifer in particular, he's written quite a few songs, in fact "all" of the songs that Cinderella recorded (with the exception of a few songs that He had co-written with some of His bandmates), were songs He wrote. He also co-wrote a song with His wife, for Andy Griggs. Being influenced by such a broad spectrum of music and songs have greatly contributed to my vocal style. That is to say that I sing in a variety of styles and genres. But hopefully I know my limitations as well. I try to sing songs that suit my voice. But I love to really push the envelope, if you know what I mean!!!
Favorite spot?
I love Nashville, TN, you know "Music City", I even went there on my honeymoon.
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