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Touch My Tears
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Produced by Sinima Beats.
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Wed Jun 11, 2008
HipHop : New School
Take charge
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Touch My Tears

To the end of my neck, im fully buried in dirt
And I’m writin these bars - knowin everyone is gna hurt
I’m standing over my view with a wife beater - feelin the cold
But I KNOW its not coolin me down
From the day I lost Patil – it’s a permanent frown
N I feel it too knowin grandma’s in the ground
Been a tough year, and im STILL adjustin my life
But I’ve fully HAD it with people who live to complain
…..Dogg you really have some nerve tellin ME that I’ve changed
I could forgive, but never could I respect you the same
I never sought out to make things worse
I only look for the best, but if theres one thing I DID perfect ITS ME
I’m lookin cold as a G, Time shaped up my mind but its growth was as rough as the SEA
Now I’m eye2eye sleep walkin –
CUTTING every split end in my life who ever thought it could be??
Like Pauline, this is to you I dedicate this to you
When I wanted to do it big, wanted to SHARE it with you
But your ego, and your people -were killin ya STILE
Where’s the PATIV that once used to flicker your SMILE?
YOU were one ….that wanted me around forever
Then you turn around and ACT like you said that NEVER
I wont tolerate that bullshit ever!!!
Theyre all WHORES to me - if my HOT thang is even bein cold to me!!!
Go and blame a man for havin his doubts
But at LEAST you should admit it when my doubts are right
I always figured you would shine the light - I had the world to give
But your attitude wasn’t worth the fight
You hit me down when I was already low – so now im ready to go
WATCH me leave without a shadow of doubt
Walkin out on the Jezebel whos right for ME
Just cuz a girl always has to go n open her mouth
It’s a bad dream that I didn’t seem to wake up from
A streak of bad luck I couldn’t seem to get up from
Everywher I would turn to – girls we’re being shady
But I know NOT to confuse a bi*** with a lady
Girls today are straight up CRAZY
Every stand up chick I once knew is now down to her knees
AND there’s NO chance they’re getting with me
I’d rather take quality ANYDAY over what comes free
This is me, I cant forget– STILL I wont fall yet
Just this bullshit’s enough to make a lova upset
Wanted to do things big, Wanted to do things SICK
Led me to hell n back far past a one way trip
N I couldn’t run the world if I burned my hip
So I’m not about to fall or go slip
If you really wanna touch my tears, you gotta COME a little closer to ME
Cuz im NOT about to let one drip

Touch my tears with your lips
Touch my world with your fingertips
And we can have forever
And we can love forever
Forever is our today
- try to touch my, try to touch my , uh
- you cant touch my , you cant touch my tears

Now as I’m buried deeper all I have is my eyes
My radar to the world when I’m walkin it blind
I could see through everybody, knowin what every one is about –
Believe a PUA is reading his signs
…..Took some time out, try to see what I’m doin wrong
Guess it didn’t werk, or I wouldn’t be writin this song
Still im on grind trying to strive
N I’m giving the REAL eye2eye baby!!! I’m BRINGIN it to you live!!!!
This song’s much more than just how it sounds in ya system
U’d be surprised of all the things you would learn if u listen
I Couldn’t find love – so I’m a man on a mission
Takin my life BACK from a bi*** without permission
The world had to change – but its way too late
AND I’m DONE holdin the hands tryina rewind fate
Now I know that sh*** doesn’t exist
What else cud I believe losin my love to a god damn snake!!
I’m as free as a bird believe me
I kno I got a lot too lose but you’ll wont see FEAR on my face
I wear a watch on my hand but f*** it,
It doesn’t tell me much, but reminds me of time we waste
AND you wont find a tear on my FACE
I got the EYE of the tiger and I’m CRUISIN at 5th gear at the race
Don’t f***– that’s just my suggestion
Go be Tom Brady, n I’ll be the GIANT playin perfection
The world knocked me down n I grew even bigger
With my heart though- I didn’t need muscles or triggers
I learned the hard way – love it cuz I know what’s worth
And Ima get this understood by every girl on this earth
That if you treat me good ill treat you better
Teat me bad and MARK MY WORDS baby Ima treat you worse
Take it or leave it – the gift and the curse
But you cant respect ME, if you don’t respect yourself first!!!
Just listen to these sad guitars, they let you know that I live for a cause
Even when everythings seeming lost
Queen’s sample alone - got a king wearin his crown
Watching his enemies SINK in the hollow ground
Quote on quote “friends”, haven’t always been consistent
Choosin to badmouth, but I chose to stay optimistic
I just need ME, and no assistance
Watch me put BOTH feet in one slipper n cover your same distance
Who dares to do it better?
But at the same time who dares to live forever?
Cuz when the love dies, the world is as cold as ice
But even as I stand frozen – The touch of her lips will bring me back to life
THEN we could have forever,
N always be together in these moments we can never forget
You touched the tears I didn’t cry
And my heart will beat FOREVER with your love - EVEN after I die