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NEWS   What up its ya boy Kid treys repin da S-clan get it right niggas
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play hi-fi  Kid Treys-set it off inst.
play hi-fi  Kid Treys feat. T hood-Stable full of h** s
play hi-fi  Kid Treys-Hit um up inst.
play hi-fi  Kid Treys-Fire inst.
play hi-fi  Kid Treys-Call his name inst.
play hi-fi  Kid Treys-Hit it inst.
What up niggas! Are yall ready fo H.B.G.'s finest? Kid Treys is hot off da streets and so hungry fo dis rap shit. Hes olny 15 and makes his own beats and raps. And der both hot. He rolls wit Crook Boiz S-clan. A hot newly formed group dat is tryin to get a deal. dis is da truth right here. Beleave it nigga!
Why this name?
Cause it just fits the people dat we are.
Do you play live?
We havent did a lot of shows. olny like one at our school and dat was olny kid treys.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
Yea, it changes a whole lot of things in the rap game. its proly a lot easyer to get in now then it was like in the early 90's.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Fo sho. We have been dreamin for dat moment since we first started
Band History:
Kid treys
Your influences?
S-clan is soon to be on top and take over the whole game. We do hip-hop and r&b,shit is crazy man! And u can expect a lot of hot tracks from us.
Favorite spot?
dont know havent travled dat much
Equipment used:
fruty loops, cool edit, Micro Korg
Anything else...?
Just listen to our music and rep da S-clan
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