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Hollow (SWE)
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After two albums on German label Nuclear Blast (Modern Cathedral and Architect of the Mind), Hollow is now a solo project with all material written and performed by Andreas Stoltz.
Why this name?
The name Hollow reflects the constant void within, which we all feel from time to time.
Do you play live?
Since Hollow no longer is a band, live performances are a bit tricky.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
It makes it easier for the listeners the broaden their musical views.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Perhaps. Depends on the terms.
Band History:
Hollow came to be in the late 90's. The group consisted of Urban Vikstrom (drums), Marcus Bigren (guitars), Tomas Nilsson (bass) and Andreas Stoltz (vocals and guitars). That was the original line-up, and there was never any changes. It all started when Tomas and Andreas did their military service in the same platoon. They shared tastes in music and the idea of forming a band started to grow on them.

A couple of years later Hollow released their first effort, a self-titled mini-CD. It received much praise from Asia, but nothing more happened. It was not until they recorded the album "Modern Cathedral" on a small Swedish label, that things started to happen. A copy was sent to German label Nuclear Blast and Hollow was offered a contract. All who read this shoud however be warned. Do not accept contracts from Nuclear Blast unless you already can make a living from your music.

The album M.C. got good reviews and sold reasonably well. The songs on the album were written over a period of several years, and the material is thus very varied.

The second full-length album was released in '99, "Architect of the Mind". It is a concept album on artificial intelligence and the basic story goes something like this: A scientist goes almost crazy over losing his father and buries himself in work. He finally succeeds in creating an AI, but he never expected this being to be so similar to himself. The album tries to raise questions regarding creation and responsibility for the created, parenthood and religion as well.

The songs on AOTM are generally faster and heavier than the ones on its predecessor. That development continues in the new material, without losing the melodic elements which are one of the essential trademarks of Hollow.

In the fall of '99 Hollow went on a small tour in Norway, along with Norwegian progressive metal band Divided Multitude. Playing on Oslo's rock bar Mars, the sound on stage was fatefully loud, and Andreas damaged his ears to the point that rehearsing was no longer possible. Hollow chose to split up, since finding a new singer was never in question.

The new songs you can hear on this page are thus the fruit of Andreas Stoltz' labors in front of the computer. Although singing is the difficult factor in recording, since it is hard to sing metal softly, there is progress in composing.
Your influences?
Nevermore, old Fates Warning, Crimson Glory, Judas Priest, Jorn Lande, Malice, Spïnal Tap and Eddie Meduza.