David Clement
NEWS   Sunday, May 10, 8 PM
196 Allen Street
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play hi-fi  The Jeff Stryker Song
play hi-fi  geriatriphilia
play hi-fi  Da Boy (Diamond Boy)
play hi-fi  Strap On (Solo Demo)
play hi-fi  Strap On (Atlantic demo)
play hi-fi  Strap On (Final)
Current Lineup
David Clement: vocals, acoustic guitar
Rob Bailey: electric guitar
Erin Hall: cello
Why this name?
We voted on it.
Do you play live?
Love playing live. Usually in New York on the lap of The Lower East Side.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
It makes it easier to corrupt young minds.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Having been through a rather heartbreaking major deal already, I think that we'd still do anything for the right amount of money.
Band History:
David Clement was working hard in New York's visual art world until Liz Phair persuaded him to go public with his music. His first self-produced CD got chosen as an "editor's pick" by Billboard, and got him signed to a major label. He's no longer signed, and he's been in and out of a few bands. David's music has been featured on a couple of the finer shows on the WB, college radio stations and the better clubs across the country.
Your influences?
Modest Mouse, Damien Rice, Liz Phair, Cars, Eels, Pretenders, Psychadelic Furs, Beck, Talking Heads, Broken Social Scene, Lou Reed, Bowie, The Shirrels
Favorite spot?
NYC. Ars Nova and Rockwood Music Hall are my favorite places to play.

And I like L.A., even though I know it's wrong
Anything else...?
We're recording.