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play hi-fi  Strolling Through Fire - Demo
play hi-fi  Scent of Sorrow - Demo
play hi-fi  Promise You
play hi-fi  A Wonder
play hi-fi  Talk Tonight
play hi-fi  Another Lonely Day
play hi-fi  |_mAzEd_|
play hi-fi  Wonder
play hi-fi  Perfect Surprise
play hi-fi  Forgotten
Names Josh. Mostly I play Acoustic and Jam along with whatever im feeling. I write songs to get issues off my chest and hope other people will enjoy them or be able to relate somehat to what I have to say.
Why this name?
no band..soon maybe
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
It pretty cool man. It allows musicians to share with the world. Something which may not be possible without the internet. This is the case for me, without much experiance I feel awkward playing in front of people. Mostly because I am nervous of what impression I will make on them. Posting songs online lets you release your thoughts and feelings without that fear.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Haha thats funny... If by chance a label would like to pick me up. id love to go for it.
Your influences?
Neil Young, Ben Harper, Bright Eyes, Jimi Hendrix, iron and wine, damien rice, j many to name really
Equipment used:
zoom ps-04, garageband sometimes, a cheep mic....
Anything else...?
Sorry i can't sing....
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