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Band History:
Makeshift3 started on December 8, 1995, & their original name was just Makeshift. They began with 3 students from Fallbrook High School in San Diego County. They were Ryan Coughlin, Jeff Lascola, & Eric Mattson. In September of 1996, Ryan went away to college so Jeff & Eric replaced him with Tyler Bochenek (Eric's cousin). Makeshift then rebuilt their sound, message, focus, & added the "3" to Makeshift forming Makeshift3 because of legal issues similar to Blink 182 adding the "182." Ty plays bass & sings. Jeff plays guitar & sings. Eric plays drums.

Their sound ranges from influences such as Blink 182, Pantera, Pennywise, New Found Glory, Thrice, etc. They have been on many national tours which included California, Arizona, Oregon, Washington, Texas, Oklahoma, & New Mexico and have also played on the Vans Warped Tour. They have played with hundreds of bands such as MxPx, Bad Religion, Lagwagon, New Found Glory, Nofx, Good Charlotte, Alkaline Trio, American Hi-Fi, Anti-Flag, Reel Big Fish, Thrice, Slick Shoes, Dogwood, Project 86, etc. They have had feature articles in magazines, TV interviews, airplay on ESPN, and their music featured on various Warner Bros. TV shows. Their music can be heard on many radio stations throughout the US and several of their songs have been ranked #1 in various genres with over 500,000 listens at

Their 1996 album was independently released. Pious Records released their 2nd album entitled "Fuel for Life". Micah Records released their 3rd album entitled "Game Day". New School Records released their 4th album entitled “Fluorescent Black”. They've also released material with many other record labels including Tooth & Nail records, for various compilation CD’s including such bands as Thrice, NOFX, Yellowcard, Strung Out, Good Riddance, Slick Shoes, etc. They are currently open to offers from record labels regarding the release of a 5th album.
Your influences?
MxPx, Pantera, Blink 182, Dogwood, Slick Shoes, Thrice, Lagwagon, Pennywise
Equipment used:
Electric Guitars: Ibanez SF420-BP S Series (the S stands for spaghetti) & ESP MH-201 with a EMG-60 humbucker
Amplifiers: 1 Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier & 1 Crate Blue Voodoo
Cabinets: 2 Crate Blue Voodoo 4x12"
Pedals: Morley "Bad Horsie" wah pedal, Boss DD-5 Digital Delay, Ernie Ball volume pedal, & Boss Distortion
Strings: Yarn & D'addario 10's
Pick: Duke (they should go all the way) & a Dunlop Nylon .73 mm
Bass Guitar: Fender Jazz
Amplifier: SWR Working Mans 4004
Cabinets: 1 SWR Working Mans 1x15T & 1 SWR Working Mans 4x10T
Strings: Nylon
Pick: Medium
Drums: Pearl Export
Cymbals: Zildjian A Custom
Sticks: Vic Firth 5A
Heads: Aquarian Studio-X
Hardware: Pearl
Anything else...?
Makeshift3 Ministry Statement

Makeshift3 has seen God’s power move them in tremendous ways over the past 19 years. Starting in 1995, Makeshift3 began as a secular band. Only one member of the band, Eric Mattson, was actually Christian at that time. Roughly 1 year later, the bassist/singer left the band for college and the fate of Makeshift3 was most likely going to be withering away. God had other plans. The guitarist/singer, Jeff Lascola, was dealing with the fact that he may lose a dear member of his family to cancer. During these hard times, he came to know the love and grace of Jesus. He accepted Him into his life as his Lord and Savior and discovered a new outlook on music. After discussing the issue with Eric Mattson, the two remaining members decided to press on; however, this time, the focus of the music was on God. Makeshift3 then acquired Tyler Bochenek, who is a cousin of Eric Mattson and also a Christian, to play bass. Over the next 19 years, God showed Makeshift3 His power and love in many different ways.

We have played every kind of show you can imagine. There have been shows where the crowds have been very small and there have been shows where there are 5,000+ people. In both extremes, we have learned that God’s love is present no matter what. Jesus can save a soul regardless of the size of the venue, crowd, or popularity of the bands performing. Fortunately, we have had the privilege of playing a lot of shows where people have come forward and accepted Christ into their lives. Whether we are just a stepping stone of them coming to know Christ, or if we are the final link in a long chain, the satisfaction of knowing that a soul has been saved is the most rewarding feeling of being in this band.

God has blessed us with musical talent, speaking abilities, stage presence, as well as youthful and energetic spirits. Currently, God has been teaching us patience as well as discipline. We realize that things aren’t going to come to us right away, but at the same time we can’t expect to do nothing and receive everything. The measure you give is the measure you get. We have been trying to do as much as we can to spread the word of God to those who do not know Him through our ministry. At the same time, we are letting God work through us, to do things in His ways and in His time. The fact that we were a secular band turned Christian is a huge testimony to the power of God. Many times you hear of Christian bands going mainstream and gaining popularity by becoming secular bands. I think that our story is unique since it was the opposite. I also feel that these benefits us in that we have a better grasp on what non-believers are going through. We use a lot of personal experiences as ways of bridging otherwise unattainable gaps.

We believe trust and ultimately faith, are things that God is teaching us now as well. As a band, and as individuals, we are trying to rely on God more and to follow the paths, which He lays before us. We are very thankful for the gifts God has given us and for the ways He has helped us grow as a band. We hope to continue to play music and spread the Gospel, but more importantly, to continue growing in our relationship with Jesus.

All glory to God,

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