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Empathy is the work of 27 year old electronic producer Stuart Elding based in Boston, UK and currently working on many remix projects including Blind Divine's superb 'Time', Misfilter and Arsov which can now be found over at http://www.soundclick.com/empathicremixes.

The original track 'The Piece' has recently been featured on Episode 18 of MTV's Real World Las Vegas plus several other tracks have been put forward for use many major commercials.
Why this name?
The Empathy title came from hours of scouring for a non cheesy or cliched name, and as I felt that I was - at the time - acting almost like a counsellor to my teenage angst friends (infact it was probably the other way round! ;-)) it kind of made sense. ???
Do you play live?
Have no current plans to play live as I can't really perform! I think one day I'd love to, but with the small amount of time I have to devote to music, I always prioritise recording the tunes and thoughts in my mind at that particular time - because soon after they'll be lost....
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
In some ways the internet and mp3's has made it much easier for semi-professional musicians to get heard, but it could in the next few years lead to a breakdown in the commercialisation of the music industry. So on the whole, a very good thing!
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Of course, I'd be a fool not to take the money and run - but it's not my sole purpose for producing music, I do it mainly for myself due to the lack of innovative and original electronic music commercially available today. It's from years of trying to get people I know to listen, and I mean really listen, to music they feel they can't like because of society and peer pressure. (My god I'm starting to sound like a real 'New Age' kind of guy, and I've never recycled in my life!)
Band History:
First starting producing music in 1991 using a basic Amiga computer and slowly built up enough money to put a decent studio together. Originally produced 'happy hardcore' dance music but over time have learnt the art of actual music making! As Empathy I currently put out a diverse range of electronica from chillout and ambient to trance and breakbeat. All of Empathy's current output is licensed through Raw42.com who specialise in electronic music for the media and recently licensed the track 'The Piece' to MTV to use on The Real World Las Vegas.
Your influences?
Strangely some of my biggest influences are from rock - U2, Crowded House & The Foo Fighters, loads of old 80's music like Duran Duran and Simple Minds but I am also an admirerer of modern electronic artists such as Leftfield, The Prodigy, Orbital and Hybrid.
Favorite spot?
Unfortunately I'm not that well travelled, but out of the places I've visited so far my joint favourites would have to be Amsterdam, Bangkok and Corfu! All for different reasons, depending on my mood........ I've recently come back from Las Vegas, San Fransisco and Seattle which has given me plenty of inspiration for some new material.
Equipment used:
My current studio setup consists of an Apple Mac G4 running Cubase v4 with a few freeware plug-in effects which is my main recording and sequencing tool, for sound sources I currently use a Roland XP-60 (same sound engine as the JV1080), Yamaha CS2x, Akai S2000, EMU XL-1 and an old Korg Poly 800.
Anything else...?
Not much else to say really, I'm a deep person but too shallow to let anyone know!
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