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Beats by WayzWhizz
play hi-fi Catchin Cases
*NEW* Dollar And A Dream
Old School
Basic License (WAV): $29.99 | Premium License (Trackouts): $74.99 -
No Sunshine
New School
Regular License $50 | Premium License $70 | Professional License $100.
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play hi-fi  Coltrane (I love you)
play hi-fi  Howl (a poem by the Beat poet Allen Ginsberg)
play hi-fi  Pizza Girl
play hi-fi  Come on
play hi-fi  Shout at the Devil
play hi-fi  Hendrix on Helium
play hi-fi  Cup of Milk
play hi-fi  Death to Me
play hi-fi  Gameshow overcome by a furious stampede of jazzbos
play hi-fi  Pensive (non-fiction)
Thanks for stopping by, folks.
Why this name?
It's based on the premise that "every word means f***", a strange and mystical truth about the relative world. It represents the ever-present ineffable demi-urge existent in all things material and spiritual alike.
Do you play live?
Used to. Miss it like heroin. :(
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Oh no, I'm so beyond dealing with those low-life scum! -If a record contract offer came my way, they'd have to BEG ME!

Your influences?
Highly experimental.
I'd love to be able to someday break the fetters of the known world with some strange new sonic vibration. The music I have listed here is not so experimental, but I plan on updating soon with a 20 minute long masterwork of extremely noisy proportions, so... hold on to your hats!
I listen to a lot of different music and my tastes usually run counter to the way I actually sound, for some odd reason.
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