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Leisure Class
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Band History:
Formed in Detroit in 1977 as Mr. Unique & the Leisure Suits, the band got their start as the opening act for The Mumps (featuring Lance Loud) and local favorites like Flirt and Destroy All Monsters. In the following years, they managed to amuse, annoy, and antagonize all manner of audiences before finally releasing their four-song EP, Mr. Unique & the Leisure Class in 1983. The record received generally favorable, though puzzled, reviews from Ira Robbins in Trouser Press, and Dennis Loren in the Metro Times, who found "something to offend everyone."

The band moved to New York, making their debut at CBGB in 1984, and evolved into Leisure Class, launching a musical and visual assault featuring, at various times, legendary writer Herbert Huncke, a custom-built two-story prison, impaled goat's heads, and Abraham Lincoln.

In 2004, their (relatively) complete studio recordings were released in a limited edition 2-cd compilation, "Leisure Class Recordings 1979-1994". In 2005, the band was profiled on the National Public Radio show, "Day to Day" ("The Rise, Fall and Reunion of the Leisure Class"). Lead singer Dimitri Mugianis is the subject of the 2009 documentary film, "I'm Dangerous With Love".

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