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Brendan Jewell
NEWS   Might be entering Eurosong 2015
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Brendan played drums in Rock Bands of the 60's / 70' period. He learned to play drums in Camden Street drumming school.He now records as a solo artist and invites friends to play with for fun.Was formally thought to play piano as a child by his next door piano teacher.Can play Left hand/Right hand guitar, Piano,Keys.The former band The Jewells which was his creation has ceased.
Why this name?
Family name. I am a true Jewell!
Do you play live?
Not playing live anymore.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
There is so much music on the Internet now that most artists are just a speck in a big ocean.
You still have to play the live gig scene if you want to build up a fan base.
The Record Companies still hold control by massive promotion and control of radio and tele plays and by greaseing the paws of some jockeys.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Thats where the fun ends and the day job begins.
Band History:
The Band have decided to quit playing.
Brendan continues to record his styles under his own name.
Your influences?
Cant beat the Beatles. .I get the best fun from trying to play different styles and will record anything from Blues to Heavy Rock, Chill Out, Modern Country,Accustic styles,Pop,ect.,
Favorite spot?
Equipment used:
Various but mainly AKG mics Boss MS-50 and Wasabi pedals.Marshall and HIwatt amps. Yamaha for keys & percussion. Guitars -Takamine,Ibanez,and Hohner (accustic) Fender,Gibson Les Paul,Vintage.Other stuff, Line Six,EdirolUA-25 audio,Arion, various synths,various plugins,Vst's Cakewalk,Acid,Magix ect. A lot of midi recorders. Allways trying new stuff.
Anything else...?
Recording and playing music for fun nowdays.
Not on the live scene.
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