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play hi-fi  space alloy
play hi-fi  tropical isle (electro mix)
play hi-fi  Dirty Bass (Original Mix)
play hi-fi  tropical isle (original mix)
play hi-fi  fast culture
play hi-fi  bi*** Track
play hi-fi  IntroTech (Original Mix)
play hi-fi  carpe diem (var 1.02)
play hi-fi  Hooving Module
play hi-fi  academy of noise (live@virus session)
just techno - just pure electronic music
Why this name?
from message that city is developed into a new story. a new society of lost humans that they don't fit into this. "Fear" is the word for what they feel and "Urban" is the place for that.
Do you play live?
Yes. depends or dj set or live performance ...in every way is an special moment...but "the most" i will remember my first gig @ my hometown ...
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
Yes. I think it does. but i also think that people deserve access to info , free access to info's , that's the main purpose for internet , and music is INFO on internet.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
I prefer small labels , for the reason that they let you to do almost what you like , they don't push you to became a slave of money industry music.
Band History:
First i was spining from about '97 @ private parties , illegal rave meetings ... After that i was invited to spin in clubs from my resident town Constanta , in that time my music style was in developening and i was trying what music genre fit me well. In 98' also i try my 1st experience as a producing, tried to make what i can't listen from other artists. The 99' was the year that concluded my style into TECHNO. From 2000-2002 i was spining @ clubs over my country, major of them with sets detroit and minimal techno. The 2003 was the Major year from me , cause i was invited to make an live set @ Major Electronic Music Fest in Romania - TMBASE. (www.tmbase.ro). It was an honor for me to perform towards names like The Hacker , Bad Comany , Jay Cunning , The Freestylers or Suv. From that i was spining @ major events in Romania Underground Music Scene and remixing and producing for local labels.
Equipment used:
Hardware and more and more Software day by day
Anything else...?
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