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NEWS   I'm considering using other software to make my music. Reason is fantastic, but having access to other programs that work differently might open some possibilities for me that could make it easier for me to write certain styles of electronic music. I'm also going to need a new computer at some point, so I may have to deal with that first. Nothing wrong with my desktop computer except that it's not portable like a notebook. A portable sequencing operation would be so useful.
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I am a solo artist with formal training and a B.A. in music. As I evolve, so does my music. You may find that my pieces are inconsistent with any particular style. I am not exactly certain what the true nature of my music is. I appreciate a broad spectrum of different styles, but most of what I listen to is EDM and hip-hop.
Why this name?
Band name? Well, being a martial artist and a musician, and at times damn near invisible to my friends for some reason, I decided to go with SynthNinja. It incorporates my interests in electronic music with that of martial arts. Please don't confuse me with "the synth ninja," who I first noticed on the internet probably in 2007. I have been using this name since 2005. If you compare the two names side by side, his definitely conveys a more performance-oriented angle. I have much respect for the man and his work. Check his stuff out sometime. He's on Youtube. I think he's got his own site too.
Do you play live?
I do not perform my electronica live. However, I am a fairly skilled pianist and will play when the time and place are right. I have performed on a number of occasions as a part of local events and happenings.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
The nature of music is like the nature of medicine to me. I see it as a necessary part of existence for the maintenance of mental and spiritual health. It is my opinion that music is at cross-purposes with the existence of money, for the most part. As part of a culture that enjoys high technological advances, I can say that I thoroughly enjoy being able to carry my entire music collection on a device that easily fits in my pocket and is accessible to me at any time. In this way, music can be put back into the hands of the People. Some of the best stuff I have ever listened to is underground and obscure. At the same time, it is difficult to make a living writing music without having a day-job to finance its production. There are so many talented artists out there, and I would prefer to unite with them under the more noble and virtuous purposes that music fulfills. I don't see other artists as competition in this field. I only wish that the music industry was run by culture and not money. I believe that the technology we currently enjoy will, at some point in the near-future, drive the music industry to focus more on actual production hardware and software rather than the final product of music itself.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
I really love writing music and I would like to do it for a living. But I also want to have at least some of my stuff be free. Stuff that is available on my (imaginary, in-the-future) website. If the right label came along, and I was given enough respect, I would seriously consider signing with them.
Band History:
When I went to college, a friend of mine introduced me to FruityLoops. I played around with it for a couple years and made a few loop-based pieces. I was delighted. Later on, another friend of mine introduced me to Reason. It took awhile to learn, but after buying the program, I am very happy with it. Writing electronica has been a lot of fun and Reason facilitates that very well.
Your influences?
REAL artists. When I say "real," I mean that music is such a part of their lives and their souls that it is something they just do, very naturally. They are not driven by money or fame, but by this profound need inside of them to create music and express themselves artistically. I can tell by listening to a piece what went into it, and I get as much out of it. These are the artists I seek to emulate.
Favorite spot?
Boston is great, but everyone tells me I've got a West Coast personality. Many people tell me Portland, OR would be good for me to visit. I have been to Albany. I really enjoyed being around other artists writing more electronic-based music.
Equipment used:
MacBook Pro with internal SSD, MOX-8, Reason, Mackie 1402-VLZ3 mixing board, 7-port USB hub, 2 Korg Electribes, 1 TB external hard drive, and, occasionally, my fingers.
Anything else...?
The pieces I have uploaded to this site are of much lesser quality than what I am currently writing. Because I am in the process of creating a professional album, I cannot upload anything current at this time. I will see where this work gets me. If all goes well, I will have them uploaded to online music distribution businesses and sites, such as iTunes and Amazon. I will be sure to come back and post a link here. If, at that time, you like what you hear and are interested in a collaboration, please contact me.