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play hi-fi  The Burn
play hi-fi  In my Heart
play hi-fi  Movin on up
play hi-fi  Bang it out
play hi-fi  Walkin' on Air
play hi-fi  She's an Angel
play hi-fi  Word of the Wise
play hi-fi  February the 5th
play hi-fi  Learn the discipline
play hi-fi  Country (by Digglow)produced by Slim The E
I'm Slim the E, a sample/synthesizer base producer originally from High Point, North Carolina. I've been producing for a while, my music can be considered for many aspects some say Hiphop/Electronica/JAZZ/FUNK/R&B/ALTERNATIVE,

so I don't really consider myself a hiphop producer because most of my music comes out as some say"weird" or eclectic, I just make music...

but I prefer Christian Rap when it comes down to Hiphop.
Why this name?
Cause I'm skinny with muscles..
Do you play live?
yea I'll play my instrumental cd, I thought I gave u a copy?lol
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
Helps people that are unknown or underground get signed to a major or indie record label.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
If the opportunity arises I'll look one over.
Band History:
To learn more about me listen to my music, my favorite part of creating a track is the mixing process and choosing the drums...
Your influences?
God and Jesus Christ.
Equipment used:
hmmm...I can't answer this question.
Anything else...?
Check out Slim the E @ or
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