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Kevin Taylor - Vocals / Guitar / Synth / Bass / Production
JJ. Contner - Keyboards / Synth
Alexi Dutrominova - Drums / Programming
Warren Rosenberg - Bass / Synth
Bryan Cheung - Sound Effects / Atmosphere
Amy Torrence, Elisha Kanouris - Vocals


Kevin Taylor's musical career began as a lead guitar player, touring the U.K. with the ground-breaking alternative band 'Essex'.  With 'Schmange', he has formed a Rock Band which comprises not only an extraordinary blend of electrifying Rock and Techno, but a light and stage show that is guaranteed to blow you away.
Besides his studio work and touring, Kevin currently has more than 400 advanced guitar lessons on his official website "schmange.com" and the #1 sight for guitar lessons, www.guitartricks.com
His sites currently receive over 5 million hits per month with a growing fan base of over almost 300,000 signed members.

What The Press Are Saying...

A six member techno/electronic band from the United Kingdom brings to us a 2-disc collection of pulsating electronic music. Music that would be fitting for a movie soundtrack and/or even better for a video game, as it seems to bring to life everything around you. This doesn't seem to be your standard every day techno/electronic music either, it almost seems to combine elements from an assortment of genres like metal, rock, industrial, dance and more. I've never really been a huge fan of instrumental styles of electronic music i.e. "Soundscape," but I think SCHMANGE have made a new dent in my collection. I loved the incorporation of the rock/metal guitars into their pulsing bass beat backdrop and techno vibes. It gave the music an element that I could enjoy, even for not being a big fan of this style of music. I would say that this is the type of music for those who enjoy the wails of electric guitars mixed with dancey drum beats and a humming soundscape of electronics.

[Wednesday Elektra - Space Junkies Magazine]


OUTSTANDING Electronic/Techno high energy music - RadioIndy.com Gold Artist Award

OK, do you like techno and rock guitar fused together? If not, move on to the next review. If you do, or you're not sure because you've never heard any thing like it, then you need to check out Schmange on his CD release PhaseIV Chronicles. Generally using hard-edged techno as a base, Schmange layers his guitar sounds (rooted in '70s and '80s rock) over the top, achieving a kind of dramatic, David Gilmour feel. In fact, if you like say, Tangerine Dream, modern sounds and Gilmour's work, you'd feel right at home. Tracks such as "MoogBoog" are more hard rock than techno, allowing for more of a guitar hero approach - thus sucking in even more guitar fans. Got to hand it to Schmange, he's doing a great job trying to appeal to a wider base here with his compositions. An 'A' for creativity as well.

The man who calls himself Schmange is quickly becoming an international commodity. He began his career playing guitar for three years in the band Essex. Now he's out on his own...writing and recording wild guitar driven techno pop and teaching his techniques to others. This man already has offices in Canada and England...and more are probably on the way. Phase IV Chronicles is a mind-blowing double CD set featuring an impressive collection of 31 compositions. The tunes go all over the place...but the one constant is the incredible guitar playing. Listening to this double album, it's no wonder that so many people are looking to Schmange for guidance. Free flowing and upbeat, these tracks are as slick and professional as anything we've heard on any label...independent or major... As a word of warning, however, this is a lot of material to take in at one sitting...so be forewarned. Extremely well orchestrated. (Rating: 5)

-LMNOP Reviews

Phase IV has a handful of compositions worthy of booty shaking and head banging.
- Philip Stone, SplendidEzine.com



The Dark

PhaseIV Chronicles

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Contact Info


c/o Steve Davenport- Manager

Cornwall, U.K.
Why this name?
Seemed like a good idea at the time
Do you play live?
Currently touring Europe
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
Gives musicians a chance to reach a worldwide audience
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Already signed
Band History:
Formed 2001 in Cornwall, U.K.
Further info can be found on the official Schmange homepage at http://www.schmange.com
and on the PhaseIV Chronicles homepage at:

All recorded instrumentation and vocals by Kevin Taylor
Your influences?
Pink Floyd, INXS, Van Halen,
Favorite spot?
Cornwall, England
Equipment used:
Roland Guitar Synth
Mac G4 Computer
Various synths
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