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NEWS   Look for Malevolence playing in the New England area. Check out www.malevolence.net for a list of shows and other information.
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Metal-groove oriented band in Boston, MA via Tulsa, OK. Great live show with balls to back it. CD "Enmity", doing very well in sales and great fan response. Check out www.malevolence.net for all information.
Why this name?
Formerly known as Pheed, changed to Malevolence in Summer of 1999.
Do you play live?
We play live throughout the New England area. It's a great show, be sure to check one out when you get the chance.
If you make it big..?
We will do the same thing we are doing now, except, we will begin touring a much large area.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
If the internet succeeds in getting music to people, face it, it is going to be pirated. Don't become disgruntled and greedy. In our eyes, this will take things back to the way it should be. Everything will then depend on the live show. The live show will become the greatest part of music.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
The internet has yet to send us on any national tours, so however that is achieved...so be it..
Band History:
Malevolence, formerly known as Pheed, united in January of 1998. The group of four, from a handful of established Oklahoma bands such as Crave, Ether, and 36 Crazyfist, created a fusion of styles, the likes of which Tulsa had never heard. Consisting of J. Anthamatten: drums, T. Steinsiek: bass, W. Gann: guitar, and J. Dixon: vocals.

Malevolence played their first live show at the Fur Shop in ’98. The response was overwhelming. So much in fact, Malevolence received an offer to perform at the legendary Cain’s Ballroom in Tulsa, OK. Thanks to publicity from Z104.5 FM, Home Grown, Nex Magazine, Infinity Press, and other publications, Malevolence emerged as on of Tulsa’s top acts after only a few shows.

Following their recent exposure, Malevolence joined several local music festivals, headlining the first annual Lockdown tour, Furfest, and the 1998 Tulsa New Year’s Musicfest. But, it was only the beginning of greater things to come. Malevolence would go on to open for various national acts such as Ice-T, Suicidal Tendencies, and Infectious Grooves.

In July of 1999, an independent label, Chery Records, contacted Malevolence to begin a recording works on their first album “Enmity”. Soon thereafter, Malevolence was contacted by numerous promotional agencies such as Freejack Foundation, Shoulderblade Entertainment, and Apex Entertainment. Malevolence began their first tour with these agencies backing.

In September of ’99, Malevolence put recording on hold. Under the urgings of Chery Records, the band chose to relocate to the musically driven Boston area. The band has been touring New England with great acceptance and success.

With “Enmity” complete, Malevolence chose a release date of September 17th, 2000. The same day Malevolence would play New England’s Locobazooka 2000 Festival, opening for bands like Disturbed, Days of the New, P.O.D., Cold, Apartment 26, One Minute Silence, Dope, and others.

With “Enmity” sales soaring into the hundreds, 150 sold on the release date, Malevolence is pushing on to become one of the top acts in the New England scene. For the future, Malevolence will continue touring New England and surrounding areas, pushing for major/indie label representation for their upcoming national tour.

Your influences?
Acid Bath, Faith No More, Tool, Incubus, Deftones, Parliament, many others...
Favorite spot?
Boston so far, although we love the deep evil south.....
Equipment used:
Guitars, Drums, Bass, Vocals.
Anything else...?
Feel free to order our CD through our website and other merchandise. We would love to hear your comments on the music. Thanks.