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shaun hull
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play hi-fi  if the shoe fits
play hi-fi  carolsong
play hi-fi  my baby's tough
play hi-fi  open your door
play hi-fi  yin & yang
play hi-fi  the travelers song
play hi-fi  cassidy
play hi-fi  somewhere in time
play hi-fi  i musta been drinkin'
play hi-fi  stuck in mississippi
i have been playing guitar since i could pick one up...been in bands from south florida to north carolina and DC and even more places hither and yon, then i decided to do some recording of material i had written and recorded my first Cd "if the shoe fits" of course i ended up working with the same musicians i played with over the years...(go figure)...

i enjoy all types of music, whatever the genre...i pay close attention to lyrics...(please if you play any of my material also click on the lyrics/story's important to me that the lyrics be read) although i tossed a few quickies out like "i musta' been drinkin'" and "stuck in mississippi" which aren't the greatest lyrics in town check out: "if the shoe fit's", "carolsong", "cassidy"...

to me the music may be the soul but the lyrics are the can't have one without the other...artists should not just push buttons... if you want to be considered a musician learn how to play an instrument with soul...if you want to be considered a lyricist, write from your heart...

then you can create heart and soul whenever you need to...and with that push all the buttons you want...

Why this name?
that's the name they gave me... 8 )
Do you play live?
whenever i play...
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
it's like a little large's nice when we all interact with each other and to give a chance to be heard by many as well as make some really kool friends...
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
no, i am already worth millions and have trillion selling albums, cds, videos, etc,'s such a chore keeping up with it all... 8 (
Band History:
started writing "if the shoe fits" several years ago...finished it not too long ago. i enjoy listening to it once in a while. it brings memories and emotions...vanity aside, i do like my lyrics...

guitar work's not that bad...tom, jim, linda, lonnie, willie and the rest are the coolest and most talented people i know...
Your influences?
bruce hornsby was a big influence when i was writing some of if the shoe fits...
Favorite spot?
raleigh sure was one fine place...
boulder and seattle were very cool as well...
Equipment used:
fender, martin, kramer, ovation, guild, marshall, laney, korg, harmony-custom, seymour duncan, dimarrzio, floyd rose, schaller, sennheiser, schecter,and typically; anything i can get my hands on... 8 )
Anything else...?
i have poetry can google me and follow the links...i have published works @: Winning Writers, The Poetry SuperHighway, Voices for Africa, New vs News, Cyclamens and swords, pretty bad poetry...and also the newsgroup: as =z=...thanx.
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