Ludington GT
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play hi-fi  La Emotion
play hi-fi  Total Immersion, Live
play hi-fi  Sea Shells
play hi-fi  Hello, Two, Three, Quatro
play hi-fi  Groovey
play hi-fi  the downlow LIVE
play hi-fi  the downlow
play hi-fi  Xphase LIVE
play hi-fi  Xphase
play hi-fi  Maybe My House LIVE
Shouts out from Seattle, Ludington GT here, you are listening to the sounds of the Seattle underground.

I am a DJ and house artist and producer with styles ranging from house (on the prog side), tech house, Hard Dance, Electro, and Nu Skool breaks.
Why this name?
It's my name.
Do you play live?
Seattle Live PAs and DJing, they are all special.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
Get my hard drive to yours.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Yes, for the distribution, but would still produce from my home studio (which kicks arse).
Your influences?
The Knife
Steve Lawler
Snow Lions
Kung Fu Rodriguez
Koma & Bones
Plump DJs
Lee Coombs (although I am not a breaks artist I think the sounds coming from these artists are some of the most exciting music today).
Laurent Garnier
Amon Tobin (both these guys cause they sound like no one else)
Audio Bullies
2ManyDJs (cause they remind us this is supposed to be fun)
Steve Lawler (his 3 series Lights Outs is great)
Favorite spot?
Equipment used:
Arranged in Acid 6.0 or Live 5.0 (if I want to go hi-definintion), sketch composed in Project 5, midi programed in Sonar, audio edited in Sound Forge 8.0 and Waves 6.0. Lynx audio card for 2 PCs, Motu 896HD interfaces slaved optically to 2 Motu Pre8 for digital inputs for my for 2 Toshiba laptops and one Rain Computer (they make the best computer pre-built for musician and music production). Abeltion's Live 5.0 for laptop DJing and production (which is really becoming my main program these days), Kenton Control Freak midi mixer/controller. Kat drum surface/midi controller/drum pad. Soft synths: FM7, Atmosphere, NI Specktral Delay, Xphrase, CS-80V, Pro-53, Absynth 4.0, Moog Modular, Reactor 3.0, Massive. Hardware: I love my new Access Virus Polar TI, and my Dave Smith PEK Poly Evolver! Also love are my V-synth, SP-808, Kaos Pads, Triton Rack, OBXa, Ensonic ASR & Mirage, TX7,TX81Z, FB01, Nord Lead 2, Micro Korg, Novations X-station 25. A Roland A-70 is the master keyboard. Mackie mixers, HR824 monitors, power PA speakers, Mackie Big Knob, blue pod near field monitors, Vestax decks, Denon double CD, Pioneer DJM-3000 mixer, Lexicon digital delay, Fat Man compressor, T-racks compression software, Anatares auto-tune 4.0 software, Anatares Filter, Anatares VOX, OhmForce plug-ins, Kjaehus Plug-ins, URS EQ Bundle plug-ins. POD Pro- guitar modeling processor.
Anything else...?
130-149 bpms
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