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Rocky the 82 year old wonder
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Roky is an 82 year old, child prodigy. He was able to start playing music at age 2. His mother gave him a marine band when he was 5. It only costs 25 cents! He was able to play the star spangled banner, note for note, and with the correct tempo, in only 20 minutes. He spent most of his life teaching guitar, giging, and doing radio and tv commercials, in Los Angeles and Hollywood. These recordings and interviews are being done at the convelescent hospital his is in. He is there with emphazima and colon cancer. It is very difficult for him to even sit up, without getting exahusted, but he is always ready to play. I hope you enjoy his music and stories. He would love to hear from you all. He doesn't have anything in his room, that he shares with 2 other men, but a tv and one of his guitars. I can print out any feedback you guys give. It would mean the world to him. If you could give you city, state, country, on your post, that would be even better. It would touch his heart to hear folks from around the world are listening to him.
Do you play live?
Up until he was sent here, he played with Ted E Bear, and Bunny R Rabbit. They had quite a show.
Band History:
There is a ton to list here. As I get to know Rocky better, I will add to this. His years in Los Angeles, and Hollywood, allowed him to cross trails, jam, and befreind many a big name artists.
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