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joel hinkle
NEWS   'the three of swords' is now available
all future dark ambient releases will be released under the band 'insectarium' and will be available at
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play hi-fi  calling forth the sun.mp3
play hi-fi  01 broken union
play hi-fi  02 the three of swords
play hi-fi  03 what is left behind
play hi-fi  04 shattered
play hi-fi  05 affection and despair 1
play hi-fi  06 attempting nothing
play hi-fi  07 dejection
play hi-fi  08 avoidance
play hi-fi  09 the remains of a heart
Music Style
ambient, dark ambient, noise, tribal ambient, didgeridoo

Group Members
joel hinkle

ambience, noise, didgeridoo, udu, doumbek, frame drums, djembe, bamboo flutes, bass guitar, and shakers.

sounds of a hollow log (didgeridoo solos. completed with a grant from the Springfield Arts Counsel)

the hallway sessions (didgeridoo solos recorded in 2 days on a 4 track in the hallway of my home)

on dark days (first full-length dark ambient cd)

frozen (dark ambient; contains alot of interesting elements)

undefined flow (semi-live ambient experiment; some dark elements surface)

ascension (dark ambient)

the silver cord vol. 1, 2, 3, & 4 (ambient long-flow pieces yet to be uploaded)

the tree (tribal ambient album)

a dwelling place (ambient, with some dark elements)

as the flesh departs... (dark ambient) only available at

the three of swords (dark ambient)

i've also contributed didgeridoo to 'Didjeridoo Planet 3' (, Dennis Maberry's cds 'Rhythm is the Key' & 'Rhythmspirit' (, and a local band (untitled)'s debut cd.
Band History:
started with a little 4-track, and recorded in the hallway of my home (the only half-way sound-proof area in the shack I used to live in). 'on dark days' was my first ambient album. didn't have much to work with back then, but it has some good moments. 'frozen' started showing what the future has to offer, and was a decent hit on years ago. it's still one of my favorites. as time progressed, i've gotten some more equipment to use which has increased the quality & variation of my music.
Your influences?
brian eno, coph nia, raison d'etre, projekt, cold meat industry, steve roach, robert rich, didgeridoo, dark ambient, tribal, noise, drumming, and david lynch movies.
Equipment used:
anything that makes noise.
Anything else...?
i find that environments that are repeated become more comfortable. even uneasy, dark environments. i enjoy repetition because it tends to lead one into comfortable trace-like state of mind.

for me, dark ambient music is an examination of thoughts, ideas, or environments that we refuse to face or explore. darkness is in our life, and we live our lives trying to ignore or hide these dark or unacceptable feelings. my music tries to embrace feelings we would tipically ignore, fear, or refuse to think about.

download my music, and email me your comments! share my music with others that may enjoy it. if you hear something that moves you, let me know.
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