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Sound Waves From the By-Ward Market (Demo)
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This is a song about the buskers of Ottawa (By Town) Canada in the 1980'.
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Patrick T. Connolly with Mackenzie
Patrick T. Connolly / Mackenzie

Thu Mar 23, 2006
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About the song
This is a local song and history about the buskers of Ottawa. Let me talk a little bit about them: I probably chatted with Paul Chappmen, I'm not sure but he was an Ottawa busker and a good friend of Tom Pirosk. He was murdered while his girlfriend was being raped. This happened in the early eighties.
Roger Rainbow was a talented guitar played and I sometimes saw his out busking on Sparks street. He was from Hong Kong and was married to Louise Quan and both of them where regular performers in restaurants bars and folk clubs in Ottawa. Roger died suddenly in Toronto were he was just starting to make some headway on a promising musical career.
Derio Demingus when from busking to being a famous concert performer in the eighties.
Doug McKensie and I started this song 1989 when the rain ended our attempt to do some busking. I have changed all the words so the song is 90% mine.
Doug McKenzie was a, some time, busker on the Ottawa Streets. He sang with a high falsetto voice.
When I wrote "Back in the eighties" It was a bit of a joke because it still was the "eighties". Now it really has become nostalgic.
I had my first primitive recording of this song played of Fanshaw Collage radio when I did an interview.
In the picture is myself, Tom Pirosk and the late Roman Buzerkuitz in Vancouver in 1988.
Sound Waves from the By-Ward Market - or -
Sound Waves Carry Forever (Playing In The ByWard Market).
Copyright 2005. Lyrics by Patrick T. Connolly (E. Sop or Trick T.)
Music by P. T. Connolly and Doug Mackenzie.

G Am Bm C D7 Em F#-5 G
Key of G. - start / G /D7 / G /D
Chorus / D /G /D7 /G
/ , , There Susie / stood, / Her and her newest / love.
/G /D
He had / some how gotten her / eye.
/D /G /C
/ We were playing, / In the ByWard Mar / ket
/G /D
They then generou / sly sauntered / by.
Middle 8 - /Em /Am
They're given' a / way pizza and spreading friend / ship,
/Bm /Am
But Suz / ie's got her arm around his / hip.
/Em /Bm
There is no / one who wants to love her more than/ I,
/Am /D
But she / says he is more her / type of guy.
Chorus /D /G /D7 /G
/ , , Well, this is / it, /Yeah, this is what you / get;
/G /D
See, - Your / world ain't in a / box.
/D /G /C
/ It's Friday night, / busker Tom Piro / sok,
/G /D
Playing / at the pepper / pot.
Middle 8/Em /Am
In the / eighties we filled streets with mu/ sic - 10
/Bm /Am
Bryan on / accordion has the / lick - 10
/Em /Bm
We are / all the famous successful acti / vists - 12
/Am /D
Singing / along with Tom we're / harmonists. - 10
Chorus /D /G /D7 /G
/ , , Roger Rain / bow, / Singing with Louise / Quan,
/G /D
These are / events that won't re / peat.
/D /G /C
/ But the sound waves, / Will carry for / ever,
/G /D
Hear Paul / Chappmen busk on Sparks / street.

Middle 8 - (instrumental) /Em /Am
(instrumental) /Bm /Am
/Em /Bm
Back in / the eighties those Ottawa streets sure / paid,
/Am /D
Inde / pendently and for free we / played.
Chorus /D /G /D7 /G
/ , , They gathered / round, / Watching spider / Merritt,
/G /D
With Beau / hom dancing on his / knee.
/D /G /C
/ To hear Roman, / Buzerkuitz play / his.
/G /D
Bandu / ra no one ever paid a / fee.

Chorus /D /G /D7 /G
/ , , Eve was pip / ing, / On a penny whi / stle,
/G /D
While Cow / boy Lenny is at Zun/ ders.
/D /G /C
/ Carl Beaupre, / makes noise at Beaver / Tails,
/G /D
It is / worse than the Rideau Rai / ders.
Chorus /D /G /D7 /G
/ , , We were / playing, / In the ByWard Mar / ket.
/G /D
You threw / a looney to say / "Hi".
/D /G /C
/ Doug MacKenzie, / Trick and Chris / Lozier,
/G /D / G
Wan'a / thank you for passing / by!

----------other verses ----------
- main 6 bars -
Hear Paul Peshe
Derio Demingus
Steve Martin and many others