Extinguished Fire
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Extinguished Fire is a one man project, playing melodic death/doom with some farfetched influences from Unholy and (old) Anathema. A touch of psychedelic influences are added by the lead guitar: it has a warm (maybe even Pink Floydish) sound, but is still heavy.
Why this name?
It just seemed an apropiate name for the project. I think it fits the feeling the first song (Reflections) has: a bit hopeless and defeated. The fire is no longer burning....
Band History:
Started in 2003 by accident: instead of making a 8 second score I made the 2 minute intro of Reflections. The rest of the song came naturally.
Since then I wrote some stuff and I will record it when I have the time for it. (Slowpaced music recorded even slower).
Now, spring 2005, new songs are almost finished...
Your influences?
Like said before, great influences are Unholy and Anathema, but there are offcourse a lot more influences (doom or not doom). The only question is can they be heard?
I find bands as In The Woods..., Pink Floyd, Neurosis, Queen and Primordial very interesting and inspirering, but I doubt anyone could pinpoint it in my music.
I just love sad, melancholic music, with or without an edge of anger on it.
Equipment used:
Intruments: Guitar, bassguitar, Roland JV-30, Boss DR-550.
FX: Zoom 1010, Zoom 506, TC Electronics M-300, Alesis Microverb III, Alesis 3630 Dual Compressor/Gate/Limiter.
Recording & Mixing: Yamaha MT-8X (8-track-cassette-recorder).
Anything else...?
My main occupation is making audio-visual things (short movies, documentaries, experimental things).