krill banks conspiracy
"Nothin' like the Smell of Boiled Frogs"
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Krill Banks Conspiracy

>>>>>>> > > Genre' = AMERICAN

That's Us . . . Krill and Banks Conspiring to make
music .. . mostly . . as it turns out . . .
for ourselves. Eighty plus odd years of foolin’ around with music and still not rich.

AND THAT's one of the reasons
we decided to quit giving away everything that we
conjure out of thin air.
We're just two guys making up music
cause we want to,
There's still be several FreeBees from time to time. Like a Bluelight Special or Black Friday or something.

He's Larry Banks and I'm John Krill,
aka the Krill Banks Conspiracy.
We have no intended audience, evidenced by the undiagnosed “style” of tunes presented here.
But some have said...
"this is really good stuff.... weird... strange sometimes... even... urgh ... thought provoking".

Banks is the Bass, keys and emerging as a vox
specialist, the Mix Meister and odd noises.
Krill picks at acoustic and electric guitar while doing the most of the singin’AND "baby-boomer beat-nik" vox cause he’s the only one who knows the very strange words.
Songs and Poetry over music range from Rockabilly Barroom sing-a-long to a Katrina saga , ditties about stupidity, old age and did I mention... politics .... oh yeah I did say.... stupidity ?
I think its worth ever bit as much as LAFY TAFY, Lady Lumps or Stripper Love.... the "subjects" of MOST modern music.

You can still listen to everything for free
and post a howdy.
Luck to us,
1/2 of KBC
Why this name?
Just the two of us feeling conspired against.
Do you play live?
Only live enough to record. Haven't performed to audience in many moons.
>>>> B U T ! ! !
We have recently been considering putting a LIVE
set or two together.
Fort Wayne Area ( all others ignore)
Looking for DRUMMER first . . .
Instrumentalist/Lead second....
Rehersal place and average to small sized head a plus
:::::use the contact link :::::>
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
First, recording and mixing with computers, and cutting a disc at will, is the revolution. As to the music industry, it may get the point back to music, and away from image. Masses and masses of music available from vertially anybody.. anywhere.
A "hit" song might be heard by only a thousand people.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
What could I possibly have to lose ?
Probably be the first act to perform
in those little scooters
Band History:
Haven't made any yet
Your influences?
The beatles made my hair grow. Three Dog Night,
Eagles, Tom and Dick Smothers
Favorite spot?
Alone in the Dark.
Equipment used:
I play Yamaha accoustic and a borrowed elctric and use my own vocal cords. Larry has eleventeen basses and a multitude of toys and doodads that blink.
Anything else...?
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