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Hip Hop
Webbed Feet (Taiyamo Denku)
Hip Hop
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Webbed Feet is basically all of Taiyamo Denku's work as far as being on the Net goes so enjoy whatever you hear , if a song comes out wack it will not be posted on here, this is for only the dope tracks, if you wasnt to peep his battles peep Denku's battles on another page MP3 Radio
Why this name?
Well my name makes peeps think I am asian so let me break it down, I got Tai from Tai-Chi, cause I am a high battle emcee, then I added yamo to the end to make it sound more complex, cause I see myself as a complex artist... Then I added Denku to it, I got that from a fake Goku, cause I figure everyone is taking names such as Goku and so on, not using originality... so basically it is saying I am my own cartoon character, inside your animated porno, f***ing emcees at every draw...
Do you play live?
In the Shades of a Dark Cave, Denku the God Erupts thru valcano tubes. but yea.. Me and my group wastelands perform, we have hit many spots.. in the chicago area.. so keep an eye out punks
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
umm The I-net has no comment on me.. so i have no comment on it.. except, what are you looking at right now, self explanitory
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
hmm possibly if the contract wasn't bulshit like most of em
Band History:
well.. i started rhymin back in like 96, dats too long to count the years plus I am bad at math, now i am currently working on madd albums dat are gonna be pressed up and sold you will own one soon gaurenteed, but yea not much history behind me, I live days at a tyme, worry about today be4 the past days.....
Your influences?
Jedi Mind Tricks, Chino XL, Mars ILL, Cage, Def Jux
Favorite spot?
My Studio
Equipment used:
Anything else...?
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