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Days of Triumph
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Dark wave, Synthpop, Art rock. Maybe. Drawers for the ones who need them. There hasn’t been a clear concept for the thing we do, although the electronic ambience and possibilities always had a great impetus on our work and was one of the only thing that persisted since the beginning. Guitars come and go, some electronic Gothic notions took their place and left as they had come. Samples took their place and were reduced to tiny snippets, not to be recognised any more. The sound and attitude of Days of Triumph’s music changed with the conceptions of sound.
Why this name?
How to find a name.
Step 1: Think of things like 'Pretenders to the Throne' and 'Death for Our Generation'.
Step 2: Then think: Nah...
Step 3: Skip through the TV guide in search for film titles. 'Days of Thunder'. Close.
Step 4: Keep the name over the years, because it has become some kind of brand.
Step 5: Through rain, no triumph, no reign. All is fine!
Do you play live?
Never before. And perhaps never in future. But we never say never.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
Where else could you find the tracks of all the marvellous artists featured here? Promote them throughout the whole world and carry them with you on your portable mp3-player?
mp3 HAS changed the music business and it still does - towards an open-source-music community.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Not playing live means no close promotion for your music. Promoting on the internet is time-consuming, and the effects are, well, rather small. Against all the problems and the loss of freedom - music is made to be heard. A major label could deal with all the promotion issues - where we are not that good. So, if they came around the corner...
Wait, did I say loss of freedom?
Definitely perhaps...
But they don't come around the corner. :P
Band History:
The tale of ‘Days of triumph’ reaches back to 1990, when initial members Jan Brähler and Markus Hofmann made their first musical ventures with ancient Yamaha-Keyboards, Atari_STs and cassette-recorders. Back then they met each other in school and learned both had performed in several musical projects. The emerging ‘Days of Triumph’ was at first conceived as a cliché pop project among others. But the cliché lasted over the years and expeditions into punk, rock, ‘Schlager’ and strange fun things were various, short and products got lost over the years - we'll make you think.
2001 brought a change in the line-up, when André Kasprzak joined the band for some vocals, guitars and lyrical work and finally became a full member.
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