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play hi-fi  Mood Swing
Mr. Majstyk (took the name from an old Charles Bronson movie that no one remembers...kinda cool and obscure...sorta fitting!)

Just a man and his guitar and his music. A few fills here and there to keep it interesting. Maybe no one else gets it, but that's OK. The stories needed to be told, to be written, to be recorded and documented. Not to be "hits"...just to be "songs". Stripped down to he essentials. It starts with words and melody. And a story. And an overall musical "mood". Funny how some things never change no matter how much money or technology you throw at it. It starts and ends with the song.

I was "in the biz" for a good many years.
In the 70's, I was the lead singer/performer (aka Vince Diamond) in the 50's and 60's rock n roll review "Cruis'n". Throughout the 80's, I was the lead singer/songwriter/rhythm guitarist of "Steve One and the Shades", and in the 90's, the lead singer/songwriter/guitarist of "St. Christopher's Sin". Took a break for awhile and moved to Los Angeles. Got into acting and voice-over work, and while that is fun and challenging, I missed the music. Didn't miss being in a "band" per se, but just missed the creative spark of songwriting and guitar playing and singing. So, I unpacked my gear and just started writing again. Archived here for storage and to share with other musicians and "civilians".
And I am back to performing live again, doing the kind of variety thing I started with, but this time digging deep into my roots and performing the stuff I heard as a child and thru my formative years..."From Rat Pack to Rock & Roll!" with legendary keyboardist David Moscoe as my music director and band leader.
Why this name?
It's the title of an old Charles Bronson movie. Thought it sounded kinda cool. Cool and obscure. That seemed to be somewhat appropriate.
Do you play live?
I haven't played live in quite a while. I don't know any musicians here in Los Angeles as yet, but I'll get around to it eventually. I spent MANY years as a lead singer/rhythm guitarist in front of loud rock'n'roll bands, and this time I'd like to do something a little different, a little Like mostly acoustic. With my last band, "St. Christopher's Sin", we did a gig with acoustic guitars, African hand percussion, acoustic bass, violin and cello. That's amore!
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
I think this new technology will set the "old guard" right on its fat ass! For too long the major labels had a stranglehold on what, and who, we heard. Now...its open to, and for, all of us.
This is a great time to be a musician, as far as getting stuff "out there". I don't know how anyone is going to make any real money at it, without the labels behind it and getting it in the stores, but that's a different discussion. For just the sake of music, and for us producing music for its own sake, its just awesome to be able to write a song on Sunday, record it on Monday, put it up on Tuesday and have a guy half way round the world hear it, and vote on it, on Wednesday. Simply amazing!
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Sure. Promotion, production, distribution and development are still necessary to make a living in the entertainment business, and the majors still have the money! And its always fun to spend someone else's money.
Band History:
Again, I spent many years, and had lots of fun...some successes, some the music biz. Played thousands of shows, concerts and nightclubs. TV, records and radio. Recorded not only my own music, but wrote and recorded for others as well. Lived on the stage and in the studio. Thanks to music, I was given opportunities I would have never had otherwise. I met Elvis, toured with Wolfman Jack, improv'd with Robin Williams, gigged with Chris Isaak, opened for, and headlined with, tons of great artists. And I owe it all to music!
Your influences?
The usual suspects, I'm afraid. Elvis, Buddy Holly, the Beatles, the Stones, Roy Orbison, Marty Robbins, Johnny Cash, the Smiths, the Smithereens, the Psychedelic Furs, INXS, Marshall Crenshaw, Squeeze, Chris Isaak, Jimmy Wilsey, Ottmar Liebert, the Gipsy Kings, anyone with a guitar!
I guess we are all influenced by what we hear, and what we like. Funny thing is, you really won't hear any of my influences in my music. And that's OK.
Favorite spot?
Los Angeles, California. Not for the industry, but for the weather. And almost immediate access to the beaches, the mountains, the desert and the sunshine.
Equipment used:
A laptop computer, a Yamaha AW16G workstation, a Tascam 688 midi-studio, an old SM58, a new Audio-Technica 3035, an assortment of quality headphones and toys like M1r, Proteus 1 and 3, Alesis D4, an old Sony DAT and a Denon CD burner.
My trusty old Gretsch Tennessean, my Guild and Gibson acoustics and my acoustic bass. Some shakers, bongos and assorted percussion instruments. Mostly old stuff. That's about it.
Anything else...?
I really hope you enjoy listening to this collection at least half as much as I did creating it.
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