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Aarion Lee
NEWS   Rags To Riches & North Wind CD's complete. Listen to all he songs now!!!!!
Silent Cry
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Acoustic Peformance of Silent Cry, this song was released as a demo version in 2005!!
Majestic Drama
ICE BABY Feat Ogasilachi *black panther inspired*
Club Bangas
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I was born Aaron Lee Lewis in Gallipolis, Ohio, New Years Eve. When adopted by my stepfather that changed my last name to Morris. However on the web I go by Aarion Lee. All through-out my school career I was involved in vocal music, and was even in a few different musical play productions for my first stage experience in high school. After joining the United States Army in 1980. I picked up my first guitar in 1981 but didn't start playing seriously until 1984 after one of my friends showed me a scale and couple of power chords. I was pretty much self taught from then on out. I was learning to play to bands like Jimi Hendrix, Saxon, Iron Maiden, Boston, Deep Purple, Scorpions, Black Sabbath, & Ozzy just to name a few. my guitar skills were tested everyday and I practiced anywhere from 6 to 10 hours a day.
I started writing poetry and started my first band in 1983 playing cover songs, and have been in numerous cover bands throughout the years. Jamming on stage with ex-members of Columbus based rock band The Godz, and Money in my first original/cover band Araknid. Opening up for touring club band Warcylde on numerous occasions in my second cover/original band Blacke Thorne. Then in the third and final cover/original band Murder One, the bass player Mike Davis was killed in a car crash one week before our first gig. This devastated me, since Mike was a close friend, he had been in a few bands with me through-out the years. So I continued to write my own material, lyrics as well as music, vowing never to play cover songs again. due to a pact that Mike and I had made before he died.
with well over 200 poems and lyrics, in 1997 I submitted some of my lyric works to the International Poets Society. I was nominated for Poet Of The Year that same year and have been nominated for the same honor every year since to this date. As well as receiving numerous editors choice awards, and being inducted into the International Poets Hall Of Fame, I have been published in various anthologies by the International Poets Society as well as a few of the Best Poets And Poems Of The Year Anthologies, Who's Who In Poetry Anthology. I have also been published by Famous Poets and Noble House Publishing in the U.K.
In the year 2001 due to a change in careers, I decided it was time to get back into the music scene even though I had been writing and recording material on my own, it was time to start another band, my vision, all originals no cover songs, so Heterodox Roxx
was born. even though we recorded a complete album and was getting world-wide reckognition on Mp3.com, I couldn't seem to keep the other members focused on my vision. So after 3 line-ups I decided to promote the music myself.
. I also started a new project KoalitionKoalition was born. Koalition has had a couple number #1 in the charts on different sites, that I co-wrote as well as sung lead vocals on. numerous top 40 songs in different genres.
Since forming Koalition with Christopher, I have broadened my horizons by becoming a BMI affiliate and registering my works, all songs written or co-written by me are registered with BMI.
this project however is a total 180 from what I have previously been invovled in. most of the songs that will be on this page were written years ago when all I had to play on was an acoustic guitar. Fellow Koalition member Jenna Vescio got in contact with me about doing an 80's acoustic rock style cd. most all songs that will be on this page were previously on the Heterodox Roxx page and will be remixed and mastered and released through GEVANIA RECORDS

Why this name?
when I started Heterodox Roxx our original bass players first name was Aaron. so to change it up a little I added and "i" to my first name to change it to Aarion
Do you play live?
I have played live numerous times in the past. Due to an illness, I have not performed live for a few years. I go out and karaoke every once in awhile with my daughter.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
" I write about many different things. I look not only through ones eye, but many. I write of truth, lies, and even death. I write of mystical and mythotical beings. I also write of the future, and of the past. I write of hopes, dreams, and reality. I have always aspired to be able to reach everyone in the world with my words and my music. Thanks to the internet I now have that chance." Aarion Lee
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
if the money was right
Your influences?
vocals - Elvis, Bruce Dickenson, Ronnie James Dio, Ann Wilson, Brad Delp, David Bowie, and many others
guitar - Jimi Hendrix, Randy Rhoads, Rik Emmit, just to name a few
bands - Eagles, Saxon, Iron Maiden, Ronnie James Dio, Boston, T.N.T., W.A.S.P., Kiss (tip of the iceberg)
songwriters & composers - Ronnie James Dio, Steve Harris, Bach
Favorite spot?
my favorite spot as of late is in front of my computer working on music
Anything else...?
W.A.L.S. RADIO some of my favorite tunes here on soundlcick that I have listened to
W.K.L.R. RADIO bands linked to us on the main site
W.K.M.R.RADIO tunes from individual projects of Koalition members
W.R.A.P. RADIO hip-hop and beats bands who have checked out our site.
W.R.L.S. RADIO Rockin ladies of soundclick
W.K.H.R. CHART RADIO current running tunes in the charts by these two bands

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