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Why this name?
What is a load puller?
Someone who pulls their load...

Pronunciation: 'lOd
Function: noun
Etymology: Middle English lod, from Old English lAd support, carrying -- more at LODE
Date: 12th century
1 a : something that weighs down the mind or spirits b : a burdensome or laborious responsibility
(always carried his share of the load)
2 slang : an intoxicating amount of liquor drunk
3 : a large quantity : LOT -- usually used in plural
4 a : a charge for a firearm b : the quantity of material loaded into a device at one time
5 : external resistance overcome by a machine or prime mover
6 : the amount of work that a person carries or is expected to carry
7 slang : EYEFUL -- used in the phrase get a load of
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Limited engagements locally and it's a trip every time!
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Band History:
After five years of playing with various local bands, the members of LoadPuller got together in 1997 to create music for our own amusement.The local music scene was stagnate and opened it's arms to the tongue-in-cheek, good time approach of LoadPuller.
Four long time friends make up LoadPuller:Steve(Big Daddy) handles the production, sequencing, synths, vocals and yelps. Gord(G.G. Sweetie) provides the salty licks on the guitar, percussion and other yelps. Andrea(Sweet Cheeks) delivers the memorable vocals & percussion. Barbra(Sugar Buns) lays down the solid bass lines.
Your influences?
Industrial-funk-rock-hip-hop-electronic head-bobbin' jams!
Favorite spot?
Banff, Alberta and Austin, Texas and Concord, California and Edinborough, Scotland
Equipment used:
Drums, Percussion, Bass, Guitar, keyboards, computers, anything that ain't nailed down.
Anything else...?
Rhythm, riffs and a twist!
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