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Welcome to the Official Ghost Car Conductor Page! We are a four-piece instrumental rock group out of New York. We play mostly original material--groovy, droney, sometimes noisy rock and roll with frequent improvisations and breakdowns.
Band History:
GCC formed out of a group of friends working and living together in New York. We have been together about a year, and practice out of a small space in Brooklyn.
Your influences?
As influences, we sometimes cite Yo La Tengo, Neil Young, Sonic Youth, Phish...rock and roll as well as blues and jazz artists.
Equipment used:
Fritz, one of our guitarists, is the equipment-monger. He uses 2 digital delay pedals through stereo amps, as well as pre-recorded analog sounds.
Anything else...?
Lynne and Fritz--bass and guitar--sometimes switch instruments for variety. Lynne and Marc, the drummer, work closely together to keep a solid groove throughout the song, and John, the second guitarist, is our resident harmonic genius! Our writing is always a collaborative effH€2C mostly rising out of unplanned jams.
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