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News Flash 7-27-05 FALL GUYS are still in the Top 25 of unsigned bands on SoundClick and 4 #1's '007' is still #1 in the Surf Rock charts (since 3-14-05)& . November 22, 1963 is #1 in the Acoustic Folk charts. Bells Of Change is #1 in the Folk Rock Charts. Lipstick Girls is #1 in the Rock & Roll charts and now #1 in the Rock Charts out of 72,000 songs, Twilight Roller Rink is #2 in the Classic Rock charts & Drivin' Straight Thru is #1 in the Blues charts. Thanks for all you listeners out there, we really appreciate it. Keep it up and spread the word, The Fall Guys ROCK.
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THE FALL GUYS: Another Place...Another TimeTHE FALL GUYS: Another Place...Another Time

The Fall Guys take a fresh look @ the 60's with Another Place...Another Time, a song cycle about growing up in South Texas when Top 40 radio was King. The Kennedy assassination, Bob Dylan to the Beatles, Folk to Psycadellic, Innocence to VietNam

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The Fall Guys are Dennis Hansen & Michael Hickman, two High School friends that started their musical journey in the early 60’s. After years apart they have joined creative forces again to write some of the most insightful Folk & Roll you will ever hear. Their songs are stories of love and life spoken from experience and delivered with conviction and compassion. Come on along for the ride, you won't be sorry you did.
Why this name?
Just seemed right, we are in the Fall (Autumn) of our lives. Things just seemed to fall into place.
Do you play live?
At the present time we are concentrating our time on the recording and promotion efforts of the new record, Another Place...Another Time, and not performing live. We will keep you posted.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
Makes more quality music available to general populous. This means worldwide exposure for those who would have no chance to do this otherwise.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Yes, if the deal was right
Band History:
The Fall Guys are Dennis Hansen & Michael Hickman, two High School friends that started their musical journey in the early 60’s. Their first band, The Bringalls was formed in 1965 capturing the excitement and energy of the times. They dabbled slightly with original music, but the real thrust was the top 40 songs from the radio. They developed a loyal following in the Gulf Coast region, playing numerous times at the famed Catacombs and Love Street Light Circus Feel Good machine, in Houston. In 1968, Dennis left to serve in Viet Nam, and Michael went on to form Naked Letus with Steve Coleman and Stick Pierce from The Magic Ring. Naked Letus played the Houston Psycadelic circuit and became one of the house bands for the infamous Cellar Clubs in Houston, Dallas & the original in Ft. Worth.

After Dennis’ return from Viet Nam, Michael contacted him about a new band that was forming to write, record, and perform original music. Dennis soon became the drummer for Deerfield and he and Michael started a more sincere journey into songwriting. The group recorded a self produced album, Nil Desperandum which is highly sought after in the vinyl market as representative of 70's Psycadelic Country. The group had a good run for three years, but Deerfield disbanded in 1973. As the guys went their separate ways, Michael continued his musical pursuits with Walters & Hickman until 1979, and Dennis went back to college to pursue a degree.

They lost touch over the years as Michael moved to Tucson, Arizona and Dennis returned to their home town of El Campo, Texas. Luckily, after a time away from music, unbeknownst to each other both started writing again. In 1968, Michael recorded and produced Long Distance Runner, an album of new original music. By chance, they met again at Hickman family gathering in the summer of 2002. They played some of their songs for each other and Michael convinced Dennis to come up to Austin to his studio to record. Well one thing lead to another and the spark of inspiration became a flame. Their individual efforts lead to co-writing, which leads us to today and the songwriting team of Hansen & Hickman. Listen and I think you will agree, the wait is over and The Fall Guys were worth the wait.
Your influences?
Early Influences included Hank Williams, Buddy Holly, Roy Orbison, and The Everly Brothers. The first foray into performing was the folk music of the very early 60’s, Kingston Trio, Limelighters, then Bob Dylan and Joan Baez. Then the Beatles exploded on the scene with the British Invasion and that lead to an American Retaliation by the likes of Lovin’ Spoonful, Buffalo Springfield, Jefferson Airplane, and later Credence Clearwater Revival, Jackson Browne, John Prine, and John Hiatt.
Favorite spot?
Love the Texas Hill Country and Texas Gulf Coast, Arizona Desert, and Northwest US
Equipment used:
We use a mix of vintage analogue equipment & analogue tape recorder melded with Digital recording, VST instruments and Cubase SX
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