Come in, stay a while.
Lets smile,
Inner peace is all I seek,
No more trials.
Let it go, breath slow
And live awhile.
Choose what to see ,
Love unconditionally.
Say the words
Before they hide
behind the fear of ridicule
Or the threat of hope.
Everything comes along,
At the right time.
Believe and shine.
Dare to be
For this moment
Get hungry
For peace of mind
Give it up and let it go
Watch it make you whole

Why this name?
I was driving home from work one night, it was raining (as usual) and traffic was moving slow. Up ahead on the freeway, I noticed a car pulled over on the shoulder with it’s hazard lights on, since it was a newer car I figured they probably had Onstar and the tow truck was on its way, I glanced over as I passed and noticed a lady crying in the car. I decided that maybe I could help in some way (I do most if not all of my own repairs) so I stopped and walked to the car. The lady rolled down the window just enough to talk to me. She did not have Onstarand from what she told me I knew the cars alternator had quit. The car was dead.
I offered to call someone for her as soon as I got to the next exit, I mentioned that there was a Denny’s there and a cup of coffee sounded good anyway, she hesitated as she looked me up and down. I must not have looked as grungy as I thought I did after a long work day, because the next thing I knew she was gathering up her purse and getting out of her car. She was going to ride with me to the next exit.
We rode in silence for the first mile, she was pretty, although her eye makeup was quite smudged up. I mentioned she had a little Tami Faye action going on, and laughing a little she rummaged through her purse for a mirror and dabbed at her eyes. Thinking she had been worrying about the cost of repairs to her car, I tried to reassure her that an alternator wasn’t that expensive and fairly easy to replace.
She just sighed and nodded.
We pulled into the Denny’s parking lot and went inside. I got a table and she went to use the phone.
After she returned from making her call she sat down and lit up a cigarette.
We began talking about life in general, she had just left an unhappy relationship and planned on traveling the world for a few years before settling down. I told her I was through with the traveling part and was working on getting myself ready mentally for eventual marriage and all that comes with it, but that I hadn’t found the right person yet. The conversation progressed from there into what we would like from our prospective mates, discussing everything from religion to breakfast.

After this had gone on for a while she stated teasingly that we were complete opposites, “ like the moon and the sun, or pizza and tacos, cats and mice” She thought for a moment and giggled “ or like a dog and salad”. It struck us funny for some reason and we laughed until both of our sides hurt.
We finally ordered breakfast although I don’t think either of us ate more then three bites apiece.
She stared out the window lost in thought for a while and then looked at me with soft brown eyes. “After I get back from my trip, we will have to get to know one another better, something tells me we would really hit it off well, you are a nice person, I think that I could be married and have kids with someone like you, although that’s some pretty big shoes to fill.”
I am sure I blushed at this point, but regained my composure enough to say, “ I think I would like that very much and not to make fun of your feet but I think they would fit those shoes just fine.”
We made a little more small talk, I gave her my e-mail address and before too long she went back to the phone to make another call even kissing me on the cheek before she left.
I sat stunned and lost in a million questions I would ask her when she returned.
After about fifteen minutes the waitress came to the table and told me that “your friend” left in a taxi about ten minutes ago.

I checked my watch and was surprised to see that it had been four hours since we first had arrived at Denny’s. Somewhat baffled, I paid the bill and walked out to my car. There I found her shoes tied to my door handle with a small note that said:” Take good care of these till I come get them.”

It’s been almost a year now so if by any chance she reads this…

Do you play live?
Roadkill and reststops.
Trees lined many of them and I was ever thankful for the shade they gave me in the summers. Cars by the side of the road, long since forgotten, rusting amongst the blackberry rambles.
The curves are sometimes well marked but in my haste I fail to heed them and only last minute thinking and luck prevent an accident. Stay in the lines and bide your time. Every oncoming vehicle is a potential head on collision, the odds are with the cautious driver.
I pull into another time frame town and look around,.
in a small corner of the planet, parallel to my minds soul
dry, dusty earth begins to slide into a small hole
tabloid trickery condemns the dead man
before his corpse is cold
so this is getting old?
I tune into a sad voice, words upon a melody
I want to believe that's me in my finest hour
another rock falls into my hole, confessions of a lost soul
small hands take the first big leap and emerge unburned
turn the page and see, what I used to
from in-between the cold reflections of a nobody
I cast a weary eye upon my dreams
and smile..........hopefully.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
eventually the fat cats will get fatter.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Indeed I would.
Band History:
Available on request.
Your influences?
Favorite spot?
In bed.
Equipment used:
Two pc's and a microphone. (where its at)
Anything else...?
Every family has something they treasure, something passed down through the generations.
Our family really doesn't have anything from our deceased relatives, through various mishaps in history; there isn't anything that I have to show my great grandchildren (speaking in future tense) that had been endeared to past blood.
Except for grandmas crack pipe.
I found it one fall day while they were on vacation, I had broken into their house to steal some of my grandmother’s jewellery. Let me right away say, that this is the only time I ever did this and that it was their fault for taking away my spare key, anyway, I was rummaging through the bottom of her closet when I spied a small wooden box tucked neatly in the corner,(everything is tucked neatly in grandmas life, she paved the way to advances in plastic surgery)I pulled it out thinking I had hit the big time and carried it to the kitchen.
Once seated I slowly pulled back the lid and peered inside............of all the things that I wanted to see in there, a crack pipe was not one of them. My disappointment overwhelmed me momentarily before the realization set in as to what I had in my hands .As the dark stained glass mirrored my confused gaze, residue from the pipe wafted up and mixed with the smells in my grandmothers kitchen.
I suddenly felt ashamed.
I held the pipe to my lips as she must have done a million times, at family picnics, weddings and even a few funerals .She was always running here and there, nervous hands shaking and that tight clenched jaw she had blamed on loose fitting dentures, the signs were all there but I had missed them.
I returned the pipe and box to the closet, put back the earrings I had taken from the small dresser.
I made a vow.
Someday when grandma dies and all my siblings are greedily dividing her spoils between them, I will again visit that closet and the pipe, with all its memories of good times and bad, will be mine.