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Douglas Moore
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Well, I wouldn't consider my life to be an adventurous or exciting one, but I guess I'll bore you with my bio anyway...

Born in 1988 in Greenfield, MA, Douglas J. Moore had no clue what the future had in store. At the age of 10 he started playing around on his grandparents old upright piano and found he had an ear for music. Back home, on his small keyboard, he started learning new songs, increasing his skills and eating up every piece of advice anyone gave him on playing. Around three years, and a couple of keyboards later, Douglas had recorded two instrumental CDs and started writing songs of his own.

At the age of 15, he found an online christian songwriting forum and started critiquing songs, writing music to other's lyrics, and posting his own songs to get critiqued. Positive feedback followed whenever Douglas posted songs and helped to inspire him forward. Around the same time, he started singing his own songs as well as providing vocals for other people's songs.

Over the next year, Douglas worked on putting out another instrumental CD, featuring three original songs and various other Christmas songs. Douglas also won multiple small juried contest's for songwriters as well as placed in the semi-finals (top ten) in the God-Song contest with songs he had written with people from across the country.

The year 2007 marked the beginning of Douglas J. Moore's journey as an independent artist with the official release of his self-titled debut CD featuring 3 collaborative songs and the rest original. Both his keyboard playing and vocal skills increased with hours of practice. He started playing out at small events and in 2008 started doing full concerts at outdoor venues, coffeehouses, and churches.

In June of 2009, Douglas had a release party to officially release his second CD titled "The Sides Of Me" featuring all original songs written in the past two years. The CD has many songs ranging in style from praise and worship to contemporary christian.

Douglas continues to perform concerts, write songs, hone his skills, and in everything, continues to look to the Lord, Jesus Christ for guidance and direction. His prayer for all man-kind is that in this world where Satan tries to pull you down, keep looking up, keep hanging on to God, and never lose hope. There is a reward at the end for those who persevere!
As the months went by I wrote more songs and sang more. I also started collaborating with people from CSO like, Kenneth Schmidt, Deb Rempel, Buddy Stacy, Tiffany Casto, Angela Rueber, Mitch Townley, Peter Merz, and others. I am 17 now, and have written over 100 songs to date. Nothing too spectacular considering Peter has written over 5,000...

I have played in public a few times in the past, including recitals, and a large wedding. One Sunday, in the month of May 2006, I sang my new song, "Make Me Whole" in a church and had quite a few people say they were blessed. I am hoping to continue to play at various churches and other areas as time goes on. My goal is to bless, encourage, and lift up people around me with the music God gives me.

Well, I don't really have much else unless you want me to tell you all about my future.......which would be entirely impossible because my future – lies in God's hands. Thank you all and if you happen to read all of this congrats! I hope I didn't bore you to tears...)

God Bless,

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