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Im a producer ex dj

find me here

Artist D-Jet (a.k.a. John Simpson)

Born and raised in Grangemouth Scotland.

My interest in underground music stems far and wide and I'm willing to produce nearly any dance genre.

After being a dj for many years djing from house to techno to dnb i find my self producing many styles.

A good few year ago i ran my own club night in falkirk scotland (rewind) with a few friends (dj scott mercer )+ special guests including the late great tom wilson (rest in peace m8).

Why this name?
my dj name was dj et
i was dj for many years
Do you play live?
going to go live very soon
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
things always change got to go with the flow
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
probaly will start me own lable thou ;)
Your influences?
slam , fabio , grooverider , chemical bros , groove armada , obital , pink floyd , ltj bukum , bob marley ,jimi hendrix
dj sneak , ritchie hawtin ,manga crew edinburgh , soma crew ,subliminal crew ,daft pun k, air , jazztronik ,zero7 and 2 many more djs and artists to name heheh so many :)
Favorite spot?
ibiza cala basa beach ;)
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