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play hi-fi  Miorita
play hi-fi  Serpe-n Dunare-l suier
play hi-fi  Colinda junelui (The Young Man's Song)
play hi-fi  Pasarea Maiastra (The Magic Bird)
play hi-fi  Glasul Stramosilor (The Voice of The Ancestors)
"When the MAN sings the whole being rejoices"
Why this name?
OMU means "the man" and is one of the oldest words in the romanian language. It has many deep meanings and it is connected with the famous syllable "OM" (AUM) from eastern traditions.
Your influences?
OMU's music is actually representative for the oldest romanian music (which is
probably the oldest european music, if not from the all past civilizations; it
is known - from different scientific studies (see, for example, the search and
writings of Marija Gimbutas and of Cambrige University on this subject) - that the roots of the human civilization itself
seem to irump in the space that presently is called Romania, aproximately
15000 years ago). OMU is the promotor of those old and magical musical themes,
bringing them new levels of expression.
Equipment used:
Steinberg Cubase System|4, Native Instruments Absynth, Reaktor, Kontakt, Battery, USB UltraFocus, Waldorf Attack, Virus KC, Neumann TLM103, AKG C1000s, various traditional romanian instruments (fluier, caval, drimba etc.)
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