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Freda Tapp
2/15/08 has selected "If I Should Hold My Peace" as Track of the Day for February 21st in the Rock Blues genre. Thanks to my very kind reviewers!

I have recently learned that the title cut from my album, "Dance in the Rain," has become a source of encouragement to many breast cancer survivors. It has been chosen as the theme for a special victory celebration at Calvary Baptist Church in Shreveport, LA, to be held Saturday, January 26.

I will be performing at the event and proceeds from CD sales will go to the Susan G. Komen Foundation.

"Highway 71" has been selected as Track of the Day at and will be featured on their Americana front page on Friday, the 7th of September, 2007. Thanks again to the reviewers over at GB!

"Highway 71" won Best Female Vocals in the Americana genre at for the week of August 13th. Big bayou thanks to my reviewers!

"Only You" will be featured as's Blues Track of the Week starting Monday, the 12th of March, 2007. Only 52 Blues songs receive this award each year.

I was just notified by that "ONLY YOU" has been selected track of the day due to a large number of positive reviews by other GB members.

For 24 hours on Sunday, the 11th of February, "Only You" will be exclusively featured on the Blues front page. Yay! Free advertising!

I am so happy to announce that I now have an official website for Freda Tapp Music. No crude ads or vulgar images like here at SoundClick. It's easy:

My album can be purchased there at "Mamou's Store." I hope you come by for a visit!

We have finally released my album, "DANCE IN THE RAIN." It offers 12 tracks of original, multi-genre gospel songs that I hope will encourage you and lift your spirit.

My online distributor is CDBaby and the link is

You can listen to clips of all 12 songs there at the link, if you'd like!

Gee, am I getting a cd manufacturing education! This is way-harder than studio work. Inserts, liner notes, edits, printing, copyrights, OMD's, UGH! We are attempting to do this ourselves, family style, with a lot of help from genius friends. It's just more tedious and time-consuming than I anticipated. Robbie's photography is beautiful and if anything, we will have a lot of very pretty coasters if nothing else! We are hoping for a March release. Stand by...

I have returned home to Louisiana from Boston after having spent 8 glorious days with my son and his precious family. We put the finishing touches on the compilation master for my first album release and also completed 2 more single song demos. Please check out the new uploads, "Highway 71" and "Psalm 8." I hope your hearts will be uplifted and encouraged.

We are nearing completion on my first album release. After a few decades of writing for others, this debut is long overdue. I'll head to Boston right after Christmas to work with my son/producer on the nearly-finished master. We hope to have the cd ready by early 2006. Keep checkin' in for details on availability.

Today I was delighted to find that the Northwest Louisiana Art Gallery has featured some of my music on their website. My thanks to Michael Moore and others for promoting and supporting local artists in our area.

Today I retired "Isaiah 40" from the charts after enjoying several weeks at #1 in Contemporary Christian. I'll be making another song available in that genre very soon. Blessings to all my SoundClick friends and listeners!

We have finally been released from the stalled-out eyewall of Rita and power is back on in the bayou!

Last week I retired all my #1 songs from the charts realizing that other songs also needed the chance to be heard. I want to thank all my precious friends and listeners for your encouragement and heartfelt feed-back.

I hope you will listen to my son's skillful production of "ISAIAH 40: Have You Heard."

Instead of verses and choruses, Isaiah's message in song is delivered in 3 short movements.

The prophet gives a beautiful analogy of the soaring eagle to describe the strength the Lord gives us as we wait upon Him.

This scripture should also make us mindful of our great nation that is so often symbolized by the eagle, extending God's strength to the weary and oppressed people of the world. I hope you like the song...

Today "Dance in the Rain" reached #1 on the Pop-AAA charts. I pray it has comforted others the way the Lord has comforted me through this song.

8/22/05 Today "Sorrow Sea" has become my fifth song to reach #1 here at SoundClick, in its subgenre, Christian Rock. The position in the main genre is #7 out of 80,104 overall rock songs. Thank you, Lord, and thank you to all my listeners and visitors.

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Thank you so much for visiting my music pages here at SoundClick!

My new 12-track CD "DANCE IN THE RAIN" is finally released and is available for purchase at or at my official website,

I am participating in this forum at SoundClick as a professional songwriter, hoping to garner the attention of producers and performing artists who may be interested in using my music.

My first song, "Thou Art a Shield" was immediately well-received and has been printed, recorded and performed by various artists around the world in a number of genres and languages. It has received major-label distribution and has been reviewed as a stand-out track on a Billboard Top 10 album by Byron Cage, 2004 Stellar Male Vocalist of the Year and winner of Best Contemporary Gospel cd of the year. This album also won the 2004 Soul Train Award for the best contemporary gospel cd.

Byron was also nominated along with Beyonce Knowles and Ruben Studdard for the 2004 BET Image Award.

Psalm Three was also recorded at the London arena by the Kingsway International Christian Centre Mass Choir from the largest church in western Europe. It was produced by Europe's renowned Nicky Brown and was chosen as one of the "hottest tracks in the UK."

I hope this will encourage you to check out my music link and listen to some of my other offerings.

For me, songwriting is the most fun job in the world, but my ultimate goal is to stay focused on pleasing the Lord and following through with the purpose He has planned for me.
Why this name?
(I know this is a BAND question, but I'll answer anyway) My first name was given to me by my parents and my last name was a wedding gift from my husband, Robbie.
Do you play live?
Rarely. Even though I'm always eager to praise the Lord, I am a reluctant performer. But I LOVE studio work and sing lead vocals and play piano on most of my demos.

As a songwriter, I prefer to leave it up to other recording artists, worship leaders and choirs to take my compositions to the next level!

How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
It allows easy and convenient access to the masses in a way that would not have been possible a generation ago.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Not likely. I am enjoying my current songwriting career, creatively and spiritually. My major-label involvement has been profitable, but not always personally gratifying.

Band History:
Even though I do not currently perform with a BAND-band, I have the absolute BEST demo team on the planet! A blend of professional and self-taught musicians, they bless me with their amazing talent and continual encouragement.

My son, Micah, helps me produce my demos. He is a defense contractor at Robins AFB in Georgia but is also a multi-talented musician. The other musicians and I record our tracks at a local studio in my hometown, then send the wave files to Micah's home studio for additional vocals, instrumentation, percussion, mixing and mastering.

My husband, Robbie, a seasoned Bible scholar and poet, is my most valuable advisor and helps with back-up vocals, auditing and editing. He is my unconditional "enabler" in my continuing obsession with scripture songs.

My daughter, Angie, a speech therapist, is also a songwriter, pianist, back-up vocalist and a valuable source of inspiration and encouragement for me.

I thank God for my supportive family and the "demo band." Without them, it would be difficult for me to document my songs.
Your influences?
Keith Green, Annie Herring, Phil Keaggy and Matt Redmon. The power and purpose of their songs are as beautiful as the music.
Favorite spot?
My little house on Lee Street, just past the banks of the Red River in North Louisiana.
Equipment used:
Yamaha P-200 keys and my old acoustic, nylon-string guitar. (Plus the high-tech stuff my son, Micah, and the demo guys use)
Anything else...?
Thanks so much for your interest in my music!

With love and songs from the bayou,