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shawn harvey
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Thanks to all who joined us on the launch of the "In The hills" Album.Shawn was joined by a Fantastic bunch of people and it was also lovely to see top steel player B.J.Cole there.B.J has a great new album out entitled "Transparent Music" and be sure to keep up to date with his shows at his website www.bjcole.co.uk .Shawn was also joined by Roy Williams from Legendary Rock 'n' Roll label Nervous ,he was thrilled to meet him on the night and they enjoyed talking throughout the evening.Roy has done Rock 'n' Roll proud through years of hard work and still is very much at the forefront.Shawn was also joined by his lovely "American waitresses" Adrienne and Antoinette ,they kept the guests happy all evening and worked endlessly with their fantastic acting."Jess Duke" was courtesy of the lovely Nicole freeman-Wright a very talented actress who has many credits to her name starring in many tv programmes. Shawn's good freind and talented singer/actress/presenter Cole Van Dyk was there and it really made Shawn's night,She has a host of credits from tv to vocal and live work and in the near future Shawn will be working with his friend..Of course all Shawn's friends were there and for those who couldn't make the evening there will be a whole page dedicated for the Great night!Paul from studioeveryone a top photography agency who have done work for the likes of Top Gear took some fantastic photos from the evening,Shawn is looking forward to do some work for them also.


On September 5th Kissy Music launches the 'In The Hills' album simultaniously on HMV Digital and Virgin Digital


"In The Hills" Album now for download at http://www.shawnharvey.com/releases.html for 5.99 euros direct donwload!!
"I Drove Up In My Cadillac Car" is on a steady climb in the Soundclick charts!
"Howdy Judy" also has risen in the Rock'n'Roll sub charts. Well done to all of you out there supporting Shawn!

After only one day online, Shawn's song "I Drove Up In My Cadillac Car" featuring Albert Lee hits the Soundclick charts in the Country genre. Soundclick has 12,548 songs in this genre and Shawn has entered at No. 765. In the Country General sub genres which contain 4,496 songs he has come in at no.274 after only one day!

Howdy Judy
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A good Rock n Roll tune
Nights in Berlin
New School
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Shawn Harvey is an established UK singer, songwriter, guitarist, multi-instrumentalist and producer. He has a large international fan base and is well respected amongst other musicians world wide. For over a decade he has written and recorded Country, Rockabilly and Blues.
Several European Rock'n'Roll bands have covered his songs live, and recently, Dutch Country singer Shannah has recorded a cover version of 'Haystack Life' from the 'In The Hills' album.

Shawn was born in Plymouth, England, and grew up in a small tin-mining town in rural Cornwall to the sounds of Country, Rock'n'Roll and Blues, a love for which shines through in his music to this day. He started playing guitar and writing songs at the age of 13.

Shawn has developed his own distinctive style, taking bits from his early influences and adding a dose of his own personality. The result is Country Rockabilly as original as a 50's original and every bit as exciting.

His live performances are electric and show his musical talent as a singer and guitarist. Years of working on the road from as early as 14 have made him a true pro and it shows at gigs.

But when in the studio, Shawn's biggest talent of all shines through; the ability to write exciting, catchy songs and produce potentially chart topping tunes.

Being a competent photographer and video editor, Shawn has a clear idea of his image and gets involved in the art direction of all his projects.

Shawn has international chart success on the internet, repeated Top 20 chart positions, with several global No. 1's on sites such as Besonic and Soundclick, regular internet radio play and has gained a large world wide following of Country and Rockabilly lovers who enjoy his music.

Why this name?
I was originally called "Ricky Fentone" and my old group name was "The Flat Top Cats", now I decided for my real name as it is more timeless and across the board like my music style...it doesn't need fashion changes.
Do you play live?
Uk and Europe I enjoy gigging with the right band.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
It has made it more accessible for the talented many who often can't convince record companies in their lead lined walls. It's a good thing!
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
If I was offered, I think yes but I'd have to read the small print:). But when opportunity strikes take it!
Band History:
Some of the highlights of Shawn's career so far:

1995: Recorded first album "Night Of Passion" with his band The Flat Top Cats on
a Prince's Trust grant
1997: Shawn and The Flat Top Cats were made honorary members of the Cynon
Valley Cancer Research Committee after raising nearly £700 in one year for
charity from album sales, signings and performing at the local carnival
1997: Launch of Flat Top Cats Fan Club
1998: Wrote space musical "Zog", an ongoing project to date
1998: Featured on Valleys Radio, an hour long program about Shawn with live
1999: Launched www.shawnharvey.com due to ever-growing demand of fans
2000: Songs from latest album "Cyberoxin" included in playlist of Falmouth FM
2001: Recording of Wild Wild Woman demo CD at Monroe's Studios, London
2001: Performance at the launch party of Popshow, the popular London showcase
2001: 45 minute Shawn special on the Chris Young Show, Taunton TV with live
interviews and performances
2001: Performance of Wild Wild Woman on the Blue Whale Show, Men & Motors TV
2002: Filmed by ATIT Productions for the C4 pilot "Thank You For The Music". A
film crew of 7 travelled to Cornwall for 2 days of filming
2002: Obtained more funding from Prince's Youth Trust for purchase of recording
equipment and instruments
2002: Gig with Dutch Rock'n'Roll band The Explosion Rockets; performed 3 of his
own songs, now part of the band's permanent repertoire
2003: Returned to perform at Popshow on the same bill with Gina G; was voted 3rd
most popular act on the night
2004: Signed by Kissy Music
2004: Wrote film soundtrack to American movie Deadly Desires
2004: Wild Wild Woman was pre-released at Cannes Film Festival with good
2004: Released Wild Wild Woman CD on the Kissy Music label
2004: Wild Wild Woman hits No.2 in France and No.7 in the USA in the Besonic
internet charts
2004: 6th November, filming of live video at the Virginia Creepers Club, The Water
Rats Theatre, London
2004: 1st December, recording session at Mill Hill Studios, London, featuring
legendary session guitarist Albert Lee, produced by Boz Boorer, Morrissey.
2004: Endorsement of Shine guitars. Shawn is the official face for Shine in 2005
2004: 25th December, gig at the Millennium Dome, London for the homeless
charity Crisis Open Christmas
2005: 10th March, recording session at Berry Hill studios. Produced by John David,
ex Dave Edmunds band and Love Sculpture
2005: Release of ‘In The Hills’ Country/Rockabilly album
2005: ‘I Drove Up In My Cadillac Car’ goes No.1 on Soundstation and Shawn is
Country genre feature artist for several weeks
2005: ‘Haystack Life’ is covered by Dutch Country singer Shannah, www.shannah.nl
2006: Endorsement of Tonic Amps
2006: Release of ‘Cash On Delivery’ and ‘Barbarella’ singles
2006: Inducted into the WSNV Radio Hall of Fame and inclusion on their 16th
compilation CD
2006: Songwriting collaboration with Colonel Robert Morris, songeriter and master drummer from Memphis, inducted into the Rockabilly & Country Halls of fame.

Plans for the future:

2006: International Radio and TV promotion, more gigs, dates t.b.c, negotiations
with major record labels regarding distribution and promotion
2006+:UK and European tours, international promotion, second album release
2007 "Baby Beware" Release
2007 Collboration with Jody Dickey,Mark Ellis and James Odie
2007 New Band and songs......
2007 Collaboration with Dave Bull (Canada)
2007 planned Germany Tour
Your influences?
A long list: Country, Blues, R&B, Pop, Motown, Rock, Rock'n'Roll, Chuck Berry, Little Richard, Dave Edmunds, Blondie, Abba, Shania Twain, Dwight Yoakam, The Blasters, Tanya Tucker, Eddie Cochran...the list continues
Favorite spot?
I like Germany, Denmark and Usa.
Equipment used:
Very little: Guitar (Shine SH-943 WH - I currently endorse this guitar), keyboard, bass guitar, drums.
Anything else...?
I once met Chuck Berry ,Hank Marvin and Jerry Donahue, and have worked with Albert Lee, Grammy Award guitarist, Boz Boorer and John David.
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