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"Freefall" (Gunna x Future Type Beat)
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play hi-fi  You and I
play hi-fi  Sorry
play hi-fi  I Know (Studio)
play hi-fi  Blondie
play hi-fi  I Know (test version)
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play hi-fi  Hey Pretty Lady
play hi-fi  Take Me Away
play hi-fi  Take 2
play hi-fi  Sue McGrath (1st Rough Take)

NEW SONG! 23/04/2008

It's been a while since we've put anything up, but now we've got some new songs, and here's the first one: 'You and I'.

Check it out!

NEWS 02/04/2007

Added I Know studio version and Sorry. Sorry about no updates for a while but will be some soon!

NEWS 24/05/2006

Today, I decided to upload 'I Know'. The recording is only two guitars, and there are some mistakes so it's not perfect. We just did it to get an idea of how the song sounded. We'll have our proper recordings on here some time in July.

Hope you like. ;)

NEWS 12/05/2006

We now have a myspace account! Make sure you rate us on there and add us if you like! =)

NEWS 10/05/2006

Zadian came FIRST in the Battle of the Bands at the Robin 2 in Bilston on the 10th of May!
Well done to everyone that night it was awesome, even better than last year!

And most of all thanks to Mark Rowley who has organised this for the second year running and has given us a chance to play at a top venue! :)

We have 10 hours of recording time at a studio as a prize from battle of the bands, so expect to see some professional recordings of brand new as well as old songs on here! Watch this space! :)
Equipment used:
Julian - Vintage acoustic, cheap Encore electric guitar, crappy 10W amp.

Daz - Ibanez GRG 170DX, Marshall MG30 DFX, cheap Encore acoustic.

Shaun - Heaviest bass in the world

Daniel - insane drum kit and mad gangsta clock/medallion

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