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Mix of Ambient Music, Pop Songs and Soundtracks... SYNGULARITY was founded in 1997... began as "solo career", basically Melodic Electronica, later with many collaborators, singers, guitarists. Our love are symphonic tunes, cool Pop and tricky Ambient tracks...
Why this name?
Once Kurt Schwarzschild deduced the critical radius for a given mass at which matter would collapse into an infinitely dense state known as a singularity... Sounds not so pleasant, but if people who listen to our music have their own visions and forget all the time and space around them, then this is a positive effect... Oh, the "y" in Syngularity turns the whole word to something "synthetic". It's odd, but I think it sounds good.
Do you play live?
Never! And currently there aren't plans... Syngularity is a studio project, open for experiments in many styles, with collaborators.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
It already did. It's great, to share music with Thousands of Independent artists here, and I find new inspiration every day, new friends and tons of good music, of course, radio would never play. I see new ways of earning money... but different from the old mechanisms. Everyone can create different music for different demands, it means much more freedom... But I always will prefer a real CD in my hands!
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Yes, of course, if the conditions are good :) Well, I would check this with friends who are more experienced than I!
Band History:
Well, it began 1997. A computer and two Roland synths were helpful. Pascal Gregory prepared a couple of Instrumental works for his first album "Eye Of Orion" (2000). Pascal began to watch out for collaborators who could help adding some musical colours...
And it was the begin of a beautiful tradition - the annual albums of Syngularity, with over an hour of playing time, just for friends, the participating artists and all interested listeners :)
Other albums available are "Century Diver" (2001), "Elsewhere" (2002), "Gaian Slices" (2003) and "Utopean Dream Part 1" (2004), including many collaborations with guest vocalists & instrumentalists, and more exciting ones will come. Heartfelt thanks to all friends who worked with us and supported us, and special thanks to all of them who kept the faith...
Your influences?
There were different influences... some Electronica pioneers like Larry Fast (Synergy), Vangelis or 80s Tangerine Dream, but also favourite Rock artists like Pink Floyd, Jarre, Oldfield, Alan Parsons, Delerium...
Favorite spot?
Oh... I love Leipzig. Mario, a great friend of mine lives there. Mario Franke is also doing the artworks!
Equipment used:
Roland JV2080, Cubase, Crystal,Dreamkiller, Crazy Diamonds, Superwave P8 and more, and Drum and FX samples...
Anything else...?
There were some multimedia productions, music for events and music-on-demand services.
SYNGULARITY belongs to the Top Nominees for "The International Online Music Awards 2005" (Best Production, Keyboards, Scout, collaboration - with JEHUM!).
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