Babylon Horuv
Komo Beatz
Bow Down (Nipsey Hussle Type)
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Babylon Horuv was a drummer and singer in a punk band, but lacking punks he has become a creator of industrial music. A mixture of samples and bits of voice, it reminds some of art of noise. The style could best be described as electronic maximalism.
Why this name?
Sound it out, you'll figure it out. If you can't try reading Revelations.
Do you play live?
I love playing live, unfortunately the stuff I am posting on here is impossible to play live. At least in any meaningful way.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
Independent music becomes more accesible to those of us stranded in the wastelands of the Midwest or South where there isn't that much available. Pirate MP3s can certainly cut into a musicians profits, but I doubt they serve as much of a threat to independents, who aren't well known enough to be widely pirated, meanwhile mainstream artists are generally wealthy enough that I have a hard time feeling any pity for them. The leeches that run the RIAA may actually suffer, but I can't see that as a bad thing.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Sure, so long as I maintain creative control.
Band History:
I've been playing drums and singing since I was a teenager, dreaming of creating electronic music. Now I create electronic music and dream of playing drums with real living people, I guess we are never satisified. Originally I grew up in the San Juan Islands in Washington State, an absolutely incredible place that I recommend you do not visit (you won't understand it and you will bother the locals) Now I live in Ohio in a town that seems to have crawled out of the pages of a Steven King Novel, except without any of the interesting supernatural bits. Just a general feeling of creepiness.
Your influences?
Art Of Noise, Skinny Puppy, Jim Morrison, KMFDM, Incubus Succubus (not Incubus, the Gothic band from Britain) I enjoy a lot of industrial and I think it has all influenced my music in some ways.
Favorite spot?
Lopez Island Washington
Equipment used:
A Dell Dimension 2400, Sonic Foundry Sound Forge, Sonic Foundry Acid, BBox, Musicmatch Jukebox (to convert files) and a microphone from a karaoke machine for 3 year olds.
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